SWOT Analysis: Buenos Tacos

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Part F – Reflection
Team evaluation
Our group, Buenos Tacos comprised of myself, Emily Ginger, Keaton Luck, Abdullah Badat and Kate Sayer. Emily Ginger contributed to the group effectively in a positive manner. Emily’s role in the group was the production manager as well as the promotions manager. Her roles included the goals (part A), SWOT analysis (part A), product (part B), place (part B), power point slides, profit/ loss distribution (part C), Consumer service protocol (part C), the banner as well as the preparation of the food prior to market day. Emily was always enthusiastic to complete work as well as a co-operative team member, she provided assistance to me and never neglected to do so. Emily consistently made it a priority to
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The tasks that I completed were the goals, SWOT analysis, break even analysis, promotions sections in part B, PowerPoints, capital financing (part C), financial documents (part C), stall layout, creation of the banner and the preparation of the food prior to market day. Throughout these tasks I prioritised making sure that I would complete work at high standards to benefit the team. I made sure that if anyone required assistance I would do the best of my capabilities to help the team member. Overall, I made a conscientious effort to contribute to the group to the best of my …show more content…
For example, Keaton is talented in terms of selling our product and was able to receive customers prior to market day, thus resulting in numerous pre-orders. Emily was a very high standard worker, she was able to elevate our work to the best of our abilities and carried a positive attitude throughout the tasks. Abdullah was a large help in completing tasks on time as he works efficiently under pressure. This assisted the group as when we were struggling for time Abdullah was able to keep calm in the situation and complete the tasks. Kate would always proof read the work to the best of her ability to ensure that the group was submitting well written work with minimal and or no spelling or grammatical errors. Overall, it is believed that each group member had a characteristic to offer that made the group work effectively.
I would work with all team members again if the opportunity was provided. This is because, I personally did not have any difficulties with any of the team members as they all had positive attitudes towards completing the task. Overall, I would be enthusiastic to work with any of the team members again in the future.
As mentioned previously, as we were an efficient working group it is not believed that any difficulties were encountered. For example, we never experienced issues with not saving work as we would always email recent copies of the assignment

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