Budweiser Puppy Love Commercial

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The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest sporting event in the United States every year. However, some people tune in just to see the commercials. This is because some of the best advertisements are shown during this big time game. Two examples of these are the Budweiser “Puppy Love” and Volkswagen “The Force” commercials. The thing that makes these commercials different from the rest is that they make viewers feel a positive emotion towards the brands that will later subconsciously influence their buying decisions and that is why these two advertisements are some of the most successful commercials in Super Bowl history. For anyone who has not seen the Budweiser “Puppy Love” commercial (Link 1), it is clearly about a puppy. The commercial …show more content…
After seeing how much the puppy and horse like each other, the viewer almost roots for the puppy to escape from the pen and play on the farm. Throughout the one-minute commercial, a relationship is also built between the breeder and farmer through the two times the farmer has to bring the puppy back to the breeder. In the final scene, the breeder and farmer are seen talking and laughing as they watch their animals play together which brings a positive emotion towards the viewer. When the dog is sold, the viewer grows saddened, but is brought back up once the puppy comes back with the Clydesdales. Budweiser does a good job of sending viewers’ emotions on a little roller coaster throughout the commercial. The company couldn’t have picked a better song, either. “Let Her Go” is kind of a slower, sad song, yet it goes along with the plot of the commercial perfectly.
Volkswagen’s “The Force” commercial (Link 2) is about a little boy in a Darth Vader costume. He is going around his house and trying to use “the Force” on everything from the family pet to a washing machine. Finally, the boy’s father comes home in a new Volkswagen Passat. The boy immediately runs outside as the man walks in. The boy attempts to use the Force on the car a couple times until the father notices
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In this commercial, Volkswagen is clearly trying to market to middle-class families. They do this by showing a situation that most families can relate to. Most people have had their children or younger siblings run around the house in a costume and can understand what is going on. Also, it shows the people in a nice little house in a subdivision and the brand is trying to sell a car that would be pretty affordable for a regular middle-class family. Volkswagen is also marketing to Star Wars fans with the reference to the Force and Darth Vader. Star Wars fans appeal to this and it is a smart move by Volkswagen considering Star Wars has such a large, cult

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