Budweiser Commercial Analysis: 'Lost Dog'

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The Super Bowl is a popular event that takes place in the United States every year at the end of each football season. Despite it being for football, it is also known for the iconic commercials that are put out in honor of the Super Bowl. This is the perfect time for companies to sell their products to consumers. Budweiser aired an ad in February 1, 2015 for Super Bowl XLIX called “Lost Dog”. This one minute ad portrays the friendship of a dog and a horse. At first it doesn 't make sense as to why a Budweiser commercial would tell a story about a dog and a horse, but we figured out that there is a subliminal message and it is friendship.
The commercial takes place in a farm and this right away can imply that Budweiser is for hardworking men
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The commercial only contains soft music that guides us through the events as they happen. This lets the viewers focus more on the actual story and the emotions that are being felt, opposed than being distracted by the dialogue. This ad was created so that the viewers could understand by emotions instead of words like almost every other commercial out there. An acoustic cover from the Proclaimers, “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” plays in the background low and sad, almost like losing hope that things will turn out okay. In the next scene you can see how “The Budweiser Clydesdale tries to comfort the guy, but he too looks truly distraught with his partner in crime nowhere to be found” (Macatee, 2015). Once night-time came, it reveals the puppy finding his way home and barking, which can be interpreted as his way of letting his friends know he has found his way back.
In the process a gray wolf, which is known as the predator, approaches the puppy with no good intentions and succeeds in filling him with terror. As soon as the gray wolf is shown, we immediately know that we are not going to like him. Regardless of what the wolf’s life has been like, we don’t give him a chance to get to our soft side. It’s all part of the context, we are not supposed to like him, and this all leads back to pathos. The visuals in this scene look spookier, light and dark hues are the main colors at this point. The puppy starts to cry out
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They all have the same destination, which is to go rescue the puppy. In the process of it all, the horses scare the gray wolf away. They are seen as the heroes because they end up saving the day. At this point in the commercial the music is more upbeat, giving the viewer a sense that things will be okay and that emotional sadness that we had been feeling throughout the commercial has finally gone away.
The next scene is the four Clydesdale horses running behind the puppy on their way back home to tell and basically show their owner that he is back home safe. By letting the puppy go in front and then the horses following behind, it shows the viewer how protective and caring the horses are of the puppy. The message that is being given here is that even in your darkest hour, it is your friends that will bail you out of whatever troubles you may have. It is not a superhero, your family, or a religious entity; it’s your buds that will always be there.
In the last scene of the commercial the man, owner, is seen drinking a Budweiser with the horse and the puppy – his buds. We may ask why, and simply it’s because Budweiser has been shown as a sacred thing to be shared with your best “buds”. The argument is effortless and unrelated to the actual beer but it is efficient and it

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