Bringing “Operation Optimize” to Life Memorandum Essay

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Purpose and Scope
The purpose and scope of this document presents the facts and issues surrounding Operation Optimize and the conversations held between department managers and the issues that have come from those conversations. This executive summary will summarize the situation as a whole, and formulate conclusions and present recommendations for courses of action to be taken to correct the problem to best suite AcuScan. Summary of the Situation
The initiation of Project “Operation Optimize” has not started off on a good note with many, and has not progressed far as there is a disconnect in communication between department management. The competition is quickly approaching the launch of their product to the market as a
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The additional workload on the staff with the many product features requested is not feasible at this time. Mr. Thomas does not believe the full product can be launched by August but one feature can be fully functional at that time. While Ms. Lambert is in disagreement that a fully functional prototype product can be launched by August and within budget, and there are costs that can be cut in order to meet the this deadline. Neither Mr. Thomas nor Ms. Lambert appears to compromise based on the flurry of e-mails defending their own position. Mr. Thomas was upset because Ms. Lambert approached one of his staff members, going behind his back, to ask if the addition of the new project would be a burden to the staff. When the staff member responded it would not be a big deal, Ms. Lambert took this and approached Mr. Lambert, who was again displeased with the way the situation, was handled.
The Vice President of Product Development, Chris Martinas, defends the project launch because the launch of the iScanner was nearly flawless with minimal hardware changes since the inception. He believes the Marketing and Software Development departments can work together to come to a medium where the product can be launched in full at one time. His positive thinking that the product will take well to the market and return positive figures in the first year is unrealistic

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