The Benefits Of The NBA 2k Game

People who buy products that are made for a specific purpose expect that the product will fulfill their wants and needs. They do not want to spend money on something that will not be beneficial to them or be worth the money that they have spent on it. Think about how upset you are when you long anticipate a new product coming out; especially if it is marketed for a long time before it is actually available to the general public. The new NBA 2k game that came out was so long anticipated that when it came out hardly anyone that bought the game even liked it.
They marketed the game all year talking about how everything would be different and how all new features would be added to enhance the gameplay.
The next day there were all types of rage
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There was not much things added and it was basically the same thing. Even though they did this to the fans it probably did not hurt their sales, because they do not have much of a competitor. NBA live does not compete with the sales of 2k because they cannot compete with the graphics.
Having said this outcome of this game will probably result in lower sales of next year’s game. The reason for this is that the satisfaction of the customers was low. “The degree of satisfaction provided by the goods or services of a company as measured by the number of repeat customers is known as product satisfaction (‘Product Satisfaction’).” The better the product satisfaction that a company has with a certain product the better off they will be with selling other products that they have to offer. This theory would lead to what we like to call brand loyalty. This occurs when customers purchase products only from a certain company that they have had good experiences with in the past and almost refuse to buy products from other companies. PRODUCT SATISFACTION
Brand loyalty is what every company should strive to get from one hundred percent of their customers. Having this means that you have sold them on all of your products regardless
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If a customer likes a certain product, that is a

PRODUCT SATISFACTION leading indication of the intentions of a customer purchasing another product of that company. In
other words people are going to continue to buy products that they like and aren’t going to buy the products that they don’t like.
Product satisfaction is the topic that I chose because I have tons of different companies that I am loyal to because I have been satisfied with their products and continue to buy them. It is extremely important to me, and also very important to the company. The company’s success basically rides on the satisfaction of the customer and their products. This is why I believe product satisfaction and customer satisfaction to be so important. All of these big companies did not get big for no reason or just coincidence. They found a way to get customer satisfaction by adjusting their products to fit the needs and desires of the customers. They understood the concept of the customer coming first and satisfying them no matter the cost of production.
I also enjoyed this topic because of all of the different things that make up the organizations success, this one is the most important in my opinion. Nothing else matters if

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