Argumentative Essay: Should We Make College Free?

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The idea of making college free has been flying around a lot recently, and the fact that college cost so much is a huge deterrent from people going after a higher education. With free collage, or at least more scholarships put forward, we would be able to influence more minds to seek advancement. Just think, getting a better education with much less of a cost. Many people will argue that it will make the tax payers paying much more taxes, and to some degree that is true. The interesting thing is we’ve spent more than 600 billion dollars on the military last year. That makes the seventy five billion free collage seem like a very small amount. I am by no means saying that the military is bad or that it’s crazy to spend so much money on defending …show more content…
The private colleges would not receive funding on the scale of the government runs collage but they’d still get some. This would give everyone the chance for college well making those worry about the reliability of school being destroyed by the government like some say possibly could. Another problem with how college runs now is it allows wealthy people to pass on their wealth for generation after generation because if they are the only ones who can afford to go to college for higher education. By making collage free it would be a leveler because it would tax the rich more and also give the lower classes a chance to move up in socal ranking. Some people see this idea as almost communistic as well, but i scoff at that. This would not tax would not tax the rich much more than the middle classes, so it would still leave room for personal economic growth, while also allowing the whole economy of the united states to expand economically. This plan may seem like a step away from america's view, but it is not. This would be a huge step towards the greater good for all america and all the people on the

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