Animal Testing And Cruelty

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Animal Testing and Cruelty
In discussion of animal rights, one controversial issue has been if animal testing should be banned. On the one hand, many agree that animal testing contributes to many advances in science since it helps advance treatments and find new ways to prevent diseases. While on the other hand, others argue that animal testing is cruel and unnecessary because in most cases results aren 't always accurate. Others even maintain that animals and humans are completely different when it comes to ones anatomy and structure. My own view is that animal testing on chimpanzee’s should be banned because the testing is done repeatedly regardless of the fact that it won 't be effective for human consumption. During animal testing chimpanzee’s are the ones getting experimented often because they are the closest animal that can relate to a human. Due to that fact many researchers seem to rely on them to get accurate results. Yet there is no reason why to do testing repeatedly on these animals because it has been proven that there is no animals 100% compatible to a humans anatomy. As Dr. Jarrod Bailey states, "70 percent genetic likeness, identical genes don 't translate into identical gene expression. And, despite the apparent
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According to the article "Medical Research Involving Animals is Humane and Necessary" states that by testing animals " researchers are better able to develop and study new heart medicines and treatments for skin diseases." The essence of the articles argument is that animal research has contributed to adding new principles to human medicine. By focusing on the pros of animal research,there are deeper problems when it comes to experimenting on animals. They could have used a variety of techniques like having humans donate tissue to test on for skin treatments or use MRIs instead of using

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