Animal Testing Persuasive Essay

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Animal Research is, has always been, and will most likely continue to be a delicate subject. The use of animals in research ranges from cosmetics to medical and wherever there are animals being tests there are groups of people arguing the morality and ethics of the testing being done. Excluding cosmetics and the like for now (that’s a different argument), the use of animal research in neuroscience is absolutely necessary and though it is a sensitive issue, there are ways to make it more ethically acceptable and to protect the animals themselves from blatant cruelty.
Today, animal research is more humane than it has ever been. There are plenty of people out there protecting animal rights and advocating for animals that are used for testing.
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Just as far as neuroscience goes, animal testing has revealed very significant results in the way of medical advances. Research done on rats an monkeys, for example, has helped us to better understand PTSD, and it is because of this better understanding that scientists have been able to develop medications to help people who suffer from PTSD cope with aspects of the disorder. Animal research has also been significant in understanding and helping to treat Parkinson’s disease. It was because of the research done on rabbits and mice that scientists discovered that Parkinson’s affects dopamine levels in the brain. Animal research is still important today when studying current diseases and disorders. Animal research has given us insight into polio, measles, smallpox, diabetes and scientists are hopeful that it will give us insight into AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, strokes, and other such disorders and conditions. We can learn a lot from animal research and abolishing it altogether would result in major setbacks to medical advancements. Without animal research we wouldn’t have nearly as many treatments and prevention processes as we do …show more content…
Maybe one day technology will have advanced so far as to render animal testing unnecessary, which would be ideal, but that day is simply not today. However we must not be wanton or ruthless in our testing of animals, just as animal test subjects are necessary so are the ethical and moral policies that regulate animal testing. Scientific advancement should never rely on what is blatantly cruel and scientists should always strive to do as little harm or cause as little distress as possible to their test subjects. Animal testing can lead to great advancements in medical technology and it is our job to make sure that we take the comfort and well being of the animals being tested into account. After all, to anthropomorphize for a moment, isn’t that the least we can do for the beings who are helping us treat all the diseases we are susceptible

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