Essay about Analysis Of The Poem ' Flannel Heart Under The Tree '

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Flannel heart under the tree.
By; Dayton Weldin These flannel pajamas are so soft, this rocks! I cant believe mom let me open them early this year. Christmas morning is just 4 days away and dancing around my house showing my new pajamas off to all my relatives is how I choose to spend them.
"Hey uncle Jeff you wanna feel my pajamas? They 're new! Mom let me open them early this year!" I beamed with excitement. He sat up in his chair and touched my sleeve with his hairy jungle arms.
"Oh wow, those are really somthin ' kido." He said before he sat back down careful not to spill his beer.
"Thanks! Do you know where my dad is? I wanna show him my new pajamas too!" I was jumping up in down blocking his view of the television waiting for a response to come out of the jungle part two on his face.
"I think he 's gettin somthin ' for your mother before he comes over, should be here soon though." With that he scratched his beard and shooed me away from his line of sight.
Well now what do I do? I decided to go and look at the beautiful Christmas tree with all the pretty lights and ornaments. I made the homemade ones all by myself since I 'm the only grand child.
"Hey grandma!" I shouted as I was here reflection in one of the ornaments. "Wanna feel my n.." she had turned around as I was talking almost like she knew what I was gonna say, and didn’t wanna feel my new Pjs. That’s weird. Oh well, her loss I guess cause these bad boys are soft. I cant wait to show my dad!…

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