Mikaelson Persuasive Speech

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“I can’t believe you talked me into this,” Klaus complains as the three siblings walk through the doors of the mall, shaking his head at the frantic last minute shoppers. Though Klaus acts disinterested in helping his brother, he cares for Y/N as if she was his little sister. But, he doesn’t like to broadcast it to the world as it might seem like a weakness, according to the original hybrid. The Mikaelson Christmas party is tomorrow and Elijah hasn’t bought a present for you. Talk about procrastination, even original vampires fall victim to it.
“Oh shush, brother. Our lovestruck brother needs help to find the perfect gift for his girlfriend.” Rebekah defends Elijah as Christmas shopping and just shopping, in general, is her favourite thing
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I don’t know about Rebekah.”
“I need to get some more decorations for tomorrow!”
Both Klaus and Rebekah have more than enough presents and decorations, but it they also need nothing but the best for their family.
“Alright, let’s go.”

It’s Christmas day and also the day of the annual Mikaelson’s Christmas party. They usually keep it quite intimate, only having family and a few friends, but ever since the move to New Orleans and Hayley marrying Jackson, the Mikaelson’s have a lot more people to invite.
You were dressed in an elegant lace blue dress that complimented your body beautifully. You were also wearing the earrings Elijah bought you for your birthday earlier this year.
It was around dinner time and also the start of the party, so you make your way down the stairs only to get greeted by a wide-eyed Elijah.
“Y-you look stunning, Y/N.” He pressed his lips with yours and then intertwined his arms with yours.
“You don’t look to bad yourself, handsome,” You admit as you check him out as you two walked to greet the arriving guests. He was wearing a new black suit with his hair slicked to the side which made him look dashing than
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“Where do I put the presents?” Marcel asks, picking up the presents he brought in off the ground.
“Under the Christmas tree over there!” You point to the tree that was to your right. Rebekah really outdid herself this year with the party. From what you have seen of the Mikaelson mansion, it’s fully decked out with Christmas decorations and not to mention the tree was just the frosting on the cake. Marcel nodded and strolled on over towards the massive pine Christmas tree, decorated with red, gold and white ornaments. There was easily over a hundred presents under the tree, all mostly from the Mikaelsons to Hope.
“I’m going to go and grab a drink, would you like anything, Lijah?”
“I’m fine, I need to go talk to my Rebekah. Meet me back here in 10?” You nod in response and made your way over to the bar where Klaus and Kol were drinking together. Elijah had to ask his sister for the hundredth time to see if you’re present he brought for you was good enough. Even though every time her answer was ‘yes, Elijah. It’s perfect’, he still had his

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