Christmas Break Book Report

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Once upon a time in Gingerbread Elementary School, two best friends, Izabella and Mairead, were counting down the seconds until the school bell rang for Christmas Break!

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“Three, two, one,” the best friends exclaimed in unison as the bell rang.
“I can’t wait for you to sleep over tomorrow Izzie!” Mairead emphasized as they were walking out of school.

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Izabella could not wait to get presents and be with her best friend on Christmas!

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The next morning, Christmas Eve, Izabella was more excited than ever to have a sleepover with Mairead. “Good morning mom, greeted Izabella to her parents, good morning dad.”
“Good morning princess, are you ready for the big sleepover?” Izabella’s dad wondered.
Izabella giggled and said, “More ready than ever pop!”
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She rang Mairead’s doorbell with a big smile and said, “Merry Christmas Eve Quinn’s!”
“Hello Izabella, Merry Christmas Eve, we are so happy to have you as our guest tonight,” Mairead’s mother embraced cheerfully.

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The girls are setting up Mairead’s room with blankets, movies, popcorn, and of course cookies for Santa Claus. The girls baked all of Santa’s favorite cookies including snicker doodle, sugar, red velvet, and especially chocolate chip!

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Izabella and Mairead watched the movie “Elf’ and it was getting late, the girls were very tired and wanted it to be Christmas already.

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As Izabella was about to fall asleep she saw a star and thought to herself, Star Light, Star Bright,
First Star I See Tonight,
I Wish I May, I Wish I Might,
Have This Wish I Wish Tonight.
Izabella wished for everyone, especially Mairead, to have the best Christmas

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