Essay Short Lifespan Of Selkies And Their Lifemates

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Time had flown by since the night Kendrick shared his information with her about the extended lifespan of Selkies and their lifemates. Aileana guessed nature had to devise a way for a non-Selkie lifemate to share the extra time their Selkie mate has on this planet. Her Seanmhair knew all too well; there were no guarantees in the world of Selkies or humans. You needed to enjoy each day you’re given and try to bring happiness to others.
They decorated Christmas tree gleamed with all Seanmhair’s beautiful ornaments she’d made or collected over the years. She and Aileana put the tree up a week ago. They enjoyed a fine bottle of wine with crackers and cheese; as they decorated the pine tree, Skye gave Aileana some history on each of the ornaments. The oldest ornament on the tree was one Skye made of clay while in grade school. She told Aileana the whole class in primary school made an ornament they cut from rolled out clay. Hers was in the shape of her pet duck. There was a small hole at the top of duck ornament with a ribbon attached to hang it on the tree. The duck ornament was at close to sixty-five years old. She also showed Aileana one which her father made when he was in primary school. The teachers must have carried over the same tradition for the little ones from one year to the next. Her father’s clay ornament was a seal he painted dark gray. She figured the small seal ornament made perfect sense for the son of a Selkie.
Aileana enjoyed hearing the stories behind the…

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