Seanmhair's Narrative Essay

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Time had flown by since the night Kendrick shared his information with her about the extended lifespan of Selkies and their lifemates. Aileana guessed nature had to devise a way for a non-Selkie lifemate to share the extra time their Selkie mate has on this planet. Her Seanmhair knew all too well; there were no guarantees in the world of Selkies or humans. You needed to enjoy each day you’re given and try to bring happiness to others.
They decorated Christmas tree gleamed with all Seanmhair’s beautiful ornaments she’d made or collected over the years. She and Aileana put the tree up a week ago. They enjoyed a fine bottle of wine with crackers and cheese; as they decorated the pine tree, Skye gave Aileana some history on each of the ornaments.
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Aileana looked forward to him joining her and her grandmother for the holiday dinner. This was her first Christmas in Scotland, and she looked forward to the festivities around town. Her only regret was not having her parents and sister here to celebrate the holidays with her in the Highlands. At least, she would see her sister after the New Year. Aileana hoped whatever job Adaira interviewed for, it would work out for her. She liked the idea of having her in the same country as …show more content…
Wellies! I needed new ones and these are so lovely and practical. I love the navy color with the flower print. They are perfect fur working in the garden. Yer such a sweet Ban-ogha.”
Seanmhair reached below the branches of the tree and pulled out a small package. The gift was wrapped in red paper with Santa Claus pictures embossed in white on the paper. She carefully placed the gift in Aileana’s hand. Aileana removed the ribbon and paper from the package. The gift was an old worn leather-bound book of Selkie tales. She subsequently told us the story of the old book of Selkie legends. She first received the book from her new husband Mackenzie on their wedding night. Her Mackenzie used the book to help her understand his story of his Selkie clan. He thought the book, would be a way to help her with the knowledge he planned on sharing with his new bride.
Aileana had tears in her eyes that threatened to leak out; at hearing such a beautiful story of her grandfather’s love. Her Seanmhair told her wanted to pass the book down to her, now that she had love of her own Selkie.
“I brought a gift fur ye Skye,” Kendrick said as he tried to divert the tear fest between Skye and Aileana.
“Och! Ye shouldn’t have balach,” Skye

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