Personal Narrative: My Rhode Island Trip

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Rhode Island Trip

I started out in the delta airport of Michigan with amazing looking seats and I sit third class, but I don’t complain about I was about to travel over a thousand miles to get to Rhode Island where my dad was.

“I’m super excited to see him”. I said to my mom”.

She said to me “ i'll miss you very very much.” She looked like she was going to cry but I knew she would be happy that i’m gone for the summer, well not the whole summer just a MONTH. I barely get to see him so I get REALLY EXCITED .I thought it was cool because it’s the longest time i’ve been visiting my dad. So I said my goodbye to my mom she hugs me and I get on the plane.

Now that i’m on the plane the flight attendant started to talk on the microphone saying
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I said it before and I’ll say it again I was super excited to see my dad. The reason I get so hyper when I see him I because I only get to hang out with him in the winter for like two weeks and in the summer and A FLIPPEN MONTH. It’s crazy how long and time I have with him he also has a wife named tara she's a high school counselor and anthropologist she's amazing. I finally got on the plane to head to Rhode Island. Then the flight attendant did the introduction you know.

”Welcome delta passengers to this aircraft.” Yeah, I get it you are safe it’s like get to the point of when you serve food and drinks. Anyway I looked over to see who I was sitting next sat next to a VETERAN he was in a army green suit with a hat the same color also boots with grey lasses. I said to him.”I love what you do for our country.”

And he said “I’m not a veteran well kind of, i’m in training for the military”. It was still cool to know he would not ask me for gum. After an hour they gave us the best airplane food EVER. They had cinnamon cookies candy it was amazing every time. Once I got off the plane I saw my dad signing papers for me to get off… I think. I hugged him he held me close and said “I missed ya.” he’s southern it sounded
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Once we got there I noticed a lot of boxes on their front porch and I asked him “why are their boxes outside? He said.

“We moved a month ago and we didn’t finish unboxing yet so we need you to help us.”

So I got to the house where I could barely walk into the door there was so many boxes in the way. As I walked in with my dad I said “THIS IS GOING TO TAKE FOREVER.” He said back to me Don’t worry, it won’t take that long.” He told me to start on Tara’s office. I got in there to smell all the dust that was packed into her book boxes.

I sat down and worked for about ten minutes then started to sneeze all over.The allergies were killing me for the most part of working. I let Tara know what was happening to me and she said it was a allergic reaction to the dust bunny’s that were inside that room. It was getting dark so we stopped working and had dinner, we had mac and cheese with some mashed potatoes. It was super rich and creamy with the

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