An Informal Feeling At A City Centre Environment Essay examples

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For Joe and Claire’s restaurant we have opted for an informal feeling in a city centre environment. The brand name ‘our restaurant’ we believe to be catchy and something that will create a hype and make the customers have a feel of possession of the business. The range of marketing opportunities are endless to promote and broaden the business potential market for and ethically run business. In order for the business to succeed we must ensure that the products offered are of a superior value to that of alternatives (Narver and Slater, 2003).
One way to ensure that the business is marketed effectively is to analyse what the strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats of the business are. This would help Joe and Claire to notice their weaknesses whilst also allowing room for elaborating and developing strengths. A SWOT analysis would ensure Joe and Claire to see what the businesses internal and external strengths and weaknesses are improving the ability to correctly position themselves in their current market environment, as they could act upon the findings from the SWOT analysis, it is worth noting this is something that will need to be done regularly throughout operations to ensure the business keeps up with changes in the external environment (Kotler and Armstrong, 2014). Below is an example of the ethically run restaurants SWOT analysis. From the example Joe and Claire could act upon these findings such as posting on social media networks to promote the unique and…

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