A Project For My Child Development Class Essay

1941 Words Jul 30th, 2016 null Page
As a project for my Child Development class, I completed an observational child study. I chose a four year old male child of one of my co-workers, whom I had met several months prior to the study. Paxton was born on June 15, 2012 and was six weeks premature. Aside from the requirement of a feeding tube at birth, Paxton suffered no complications. At 30 pounds and 33 inches, he is in the 5th percentile in weight and the 25th percentile in height (Clinical Growth Charts, 2016). His height is likely due to familial short stature as his mother’s height falls a couple inches below the national average (Cloe, 2015). His pediatrician shows no real concern for his physical health or development. Upon my arrival for the observation, Paxton was playing outdoors with his older siblings. His activities during play included running, jumping and playing with balls. He has achieved typical gross motor skills for his age range. His ability to catch a ball and throw it accurately to another person shows development beyond his age range; this proficiency is not expected until a child is between five and six years of age (Bukatko and Daehler, 2004). A couple times he ran onto the porch, which required him to navigate a small set of stairs. Paxton was able to alternate both feet while ascending and descending the stairs, which also shows that he is capable of performing gross motor skills that coincide with his age. When play time was over, the mother and I followed the children…

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