Ms. Robinson Case Study

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There is very little information available about Ms. Robinson’s prenatal care while pregnant with Chase because we have been unable to speak with her due to her incarceration. However, if given the chance to interview Ms. Robinson I would be interested in asking questions such as what was Chase’s birth weight? Did she receive any prenatal care while pregnant with Chase? Did she have any complication while pregnant with Chase? Did she use any drugs or smoke while pregnant with Chase? and Was Chase carried full term or was he premature. All of these questions would be important to know because they could help Ms. Carter, as well as myself, know what kind of medical issues to look for. For example, if Chase was born premature he would be at a …show more content…
Robinson because there is consistent contact with her sister Octavia Carter who grew up with Ms. Robinson. It was learned from Ms. Carter that Ms. Robinson was raised in a family with her mother and her father and her father was identified as the disciplinarian. Ms. Carter identified that her and her siblings were punished using a 2x4 piece of wood; therefore, there was the presence of physical abuse; however, when asked Ms. Carter did not identify as a victim of child abuse. Ms. Carter did not disclose any history of mental health in her family; however, she did report a history of drug usage in her family. It is important to note that in this section I have provided information from Ms. Carter regarding her family or origin which Ms. Robinson was a part of; however, Ms. Robinson is a separate person and may have experienced and interpreted her childhood differently. Therefore, I would still be interested in asking Ms. Robinson how she would describe her childhood and how she would describe her relationship with her mother and …show more content…
Carter has lived in Richmond all her life. She grew up with her mother and father who now provide support for her as she takes care of the children. Ms. Carter did not graduate high school and has not received her GED. Ms. Carter has a history of foster care involvement due to her father’s discipline methods. Growing up Ms. Carter was exposed to drugs and alcohol in her home because her father abused alcohol and crack. In addition, Ms. Carter has a drug history that includes the use of marijuana and the distribution of crack. Ms. Carter also has a criminal history that consists of a felony charge as a result of the crack distribution. However, Ms. Carter has not engaged in any drug use or distribution since 2008.
Chase has only had one other placement and that is the one he is currently in with his maternal aunt. However, it has been reported that while he was in the home with his biological mother, Ms. Robinson, that there was frequently individuals coming in and out the house and staying in the home whenever they pleased. Therefore, Chase has had interaction with plenty of adults and nothing really

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