Essay on A College 's Academic Message

1000 Words Jul 20th, 2016 4 Pages
A college 's academic message can be identified by looking at a school’s website. When I typed in Georgia Southern on google and pressed their webpage, I was impressed. The first thing that drew my attention was the picture on the main page. It was a picture of four big brick buildings, under a perfect blue sky surrounded by green pine trees. When exploring more of the website, I saw on the right side there was a blue line that had the word “helpful links” written inside in white. Grazing down the list, I noticed there was a link for Georgia Southern’s mission. Reading through their vision and mission, it talked about how this institution is dedicated to excellence in teaching and developing students for academic and life success. As I read that, leaning back in my chair the words academic success really got me. Southern’s message to students is that their education is something that can be used for academic and life success.
On Georgia Southern website their academic message is backed up right in the home page. Southern provides direct access to myGeorgiaSouthern right on the front page on the top right corner. Only students that get accepted can log in. When logged in there are several places to click on that can help with a student’s academic achievement. MyGS is organized in serval different categories. All of them have some part to do with academic success. Google Docs is located in the second row, first column there is a logo that looks like a green, yellow and blue…

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