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  • Analysis Of The Mismeasure Of Man By Stephen Jay Gould

    release three version of the test before his death, but the 1908 verison would contain measure of someone IQ. The test would be different for each age and would use the result of the test to determined mental age and subtract the mental age from they actually age. The formula would give Binet how far behind a student was and that student would be put into special education. Binet unlike his colleague before him, did not use this way of testing to rank the best student to the worst student. The result were meant to help children get the necessary help that they required, so they can succeed in school, and to set limit for students.(152) Binet scale did not stand the test of time. The German psychologist W. Stern discover a new formula to get the student intelligence quotient or IQ. Stern would divide the mental age into the student actual age to get the score.(150) Binet test was not for actually intended for testing normal students intelligences , but it was actually use to test students to determine if they have mild retardation and/or learning-disables. Again the test was not design to set limits on students who scored low. When H.H Goddard bought Binet Scale to America, he would bring forth the hereditarian theory of IQ. The hereditarian theory was the result of World War I, with people immigrating to America. People fear that the country was just getting the leftovers. America fear that they were getting a ship load idiots who’s mental age below three and could not…

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  • Oskar Schindler: A War Hero

    Oskar Schindler was a war hero who saved many Jews during the Holocaust, giving many of them a second chance at life. Oskar Schindler was born April 28, 1908 in Svitavy, which is in present-day Czech Republic. He started out as part of the Nazi party. In 1939 him and his family traveled to Krakow and got involved in the black market. He opened a factory that made German war goods and employed Polish Jews. these weren't his intentions at first but many jews were saved from concentration camps.…

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  • Schindler's List: The Horror Of The Holocaust

    Schindler’s List The movie Schindler’s List is a heartbreaking film displaying the metamorphosis of Oskar Schindler. Throughout the horror of the Holocaust, Oskar changes his ways and goes from a goes from a greedy womanizer to a kind-hearted hero. He risks his life daily so that others may have the chance to live. Schindler gave up his freedom in order to save the freedom of the Jews he had grown so close to in his factory. In the beginning of the movie, Oskar was a greedy and self-centered…

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  • Age Discrimination In Basketball's One-And-Done Rule

    One-And-Done: Age Discrimination “What you are as a person is far more important than what you are as a basketball player” (Korman). The purpose of basketball is not just to be the best and have the most titles; it should be meant for players to develop integrity and try to set an example for the next generation. But all these characteristics that develop as an athlete progresses are not acquired through college basketball. Former NBA Commissioner David Stern, championed “Article…

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  • Death Of A Salesman Willy A Good Father Analysis

    In Death of a Salesman by, Arthur Miller, Willy has a desire to be a good father to his son were his dad was not. Willy believes that if he can instill the correct values into Biff so he can be like himself or more successful. The problem Willy is confronted with is that he cares too much as if he is trying to emulate his life in Biffs. Compared to Willy Charley takes a position of hands off while still teaching Bernard to be a good student and by working hard because it will pay dividends later…

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  • Dramatic Irony In Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

    In Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, differences between appearance and reality create dramatic irony. Shakespeare uses this irony to amuse the audience and explain the negative consequences of deception. As readers, we can first see the humour and the consequences that come with deception near the beginning of the book, when Viola disguises herself as Cesario, a man. As a result of this, Olivia falls in love with Cesario, but only the readers know that she is a woman. Awkward and at…

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  • Blue Hills: A Short Story

    “There’s my ride,” Tabitha said. “Stay, Tabitha. I’ll keep you safe. We can launch the counter-movement from Blue Hills,” William pleaded. “I have to keep moving,” Tabitha said. “We need to go, now,” one of Tabitha’s men yelled. “We have a report of two gunships en route.” “Don’t you want to see baby Edward before you go?” William asked, desperately searching for a way to keep Tabitha on the estate. “I can’t,” Tabitha said. “Take care of him, William. Someday I will come for him, and you.”…

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  • Analysis Of Red Wheelbarrow By William Carlos Williams

    knowing what celebrities went through to get there. With that being said, what do you value most in life? Is it the little things that can be by the past or the important things? In life people tend to put so much value on the little things. For example, like William Carlos Williams hold his red wheelbarrow to so much standards. He feels as though so much depends upon it. When we focus on the little things, we tend to get side-tracked as William Carlos Williams shows in his “Red Wheel” poem and…

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  • William Carlos Williams The Wedge

    simple man was William Carlos Williams. He was born in America as a Puerto Rican-American who then with hard work and determination became a well-practiced doctor. He however is better known for his works of poetry that challenged the traditional way of writing poetry. In Williams’s book of poetry, The Wedge, is prefaced by an introduction that introduces his readers to his controversial ideas concerning poetry and what it should represent in today’s modern times. He wants his readers to break…

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  • An Analysis Of William Carlos Williams This Is Just To Say

    commentary. In terms of poetry, authors often switch between the two throughout their bodies of work. William Carlos Williams is an imagist poet whose personal poetic philosophy as expressed in various essays and interviews demonstrates a clear choice for using the poetic form to make social political commentary. In particular, Williams poem This is Just to Say is no exception to Williams’ method of using the poetic form for political…

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