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  • Mark Antony Research Paper

    Fabio Payano Mr.Alston History 10-4 11-15-15 Mark Antony Mark Antony Roman politician and general.Mark Antony was an ally of Julius Caesar and the main rival of his successor Octavian. The passing of power between the three men led to Rome's transition from a republic to an empire. Antony's romantic and political alliance with Egyptian queen Cleopatra caused his downfall. Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony) is best known as the Roman general who was a lover of Cleopatra. Mark Antony's first…

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  • Julius Caesar: Rome's Most Famous Figure

    Julius Caesar is ancient rome’s most famous figure. It is believed he was born on July 13, 100 B.C. Julius Caesar is best known for being a dictator of rome and putting an end to the Roman Republic. Julius Caesar was taught by a private tutor. He learned Roman law and how to speak in public, he also learned how to read and write. At age 40, Julius Caesar was elected into Consul, Consul was the highest ranking position in the roman public. In 75 B.C he set out to the Aegan Island of rome, his…

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  • Essay On Julius Caesar Gallic Wars

    Any human society or civilization that comes into existence as a result of military victory takes part in exercises and acts that when assessed and looked into by the ethicists of modern times, might be considered genocide in modern definition. However, with this an important question arises, did these civilizations and societies considered these acts of war and genocides as a good things or contradicted to it, like the present time? It is observed that with the passing year, people have become…

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  • Julius Caesar's Calendar

    Julius Caesar was a good leader for Rome, with a plethora of achievements and reforms. He reformed our calendar, and his name means ruler in multiple languages. He also had intense political aspirations. He is largely responsible for the calendar we use today based on the solar year giving us the 365 day year. This includes the “leap year” adding the ¼ day it actually takes in addition to the 24 hours one revolution takes for the earth to rotate around the sun. Prior to Caesar consulting with…

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  • Summary: The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

    The Title How is it a Tragedy about Caesar? He died right away. So what about him. He really wasn’t even a big part of the play. It could have been titled The Menacing of Cassius, or The Indecisive Brutus, or The Two-Faced Mark Antony but it’s titled The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. But again he died right away. But on the other hand without his death, Mark Antony wouldn’t have made his vows and the civil war wouldn’t have taken place. So it’s a toss up. First, the play is titled The Tragedy of…

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  • Mark Antony Speech In Julius Caesar

    Throughout time there have been many instances where a strong orator voices their opinion with power persuasive elements and lead to a drastic change, much like the case of Mark Antony in Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare. Before Antony gives his famous eulogy of his dead friend and future leader of Rome, Julius Caesar, Marcus Brutus gives his outlook on the situation first in front of a crowd of Romans. Brutus is also a close friend of Caesar but he believes that Caesar needed to die…

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  • Sympathy In Julius Caesar

    The play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, written by William Shakespeare, is written taking place with a very powerful and rogue ruler, Julius Caesar, and focuses on Brutus' struggle between the adverse demands of patriotism, honor, and friendship. Within the play, Shakespeare sympathizes with Caesar’s conspirators and is very much in favor of a democracy rather than one, powerful ruler as depicted in the play. And, as Shakespeare was writing this play, he was trying to convince the audience to…

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  • Problems Revealed In Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar'

    Julius Caesar Final Essay Shakespeare is known to cover important statements on life in his plays and other works. In Julius Caesar he conveys various statements, one being that people always try to find the easiest way out of their problems. This can be observed in the reasons for why Cassius has Caesar killed, how the conspiracy wanted to just kill off Antony, and why Cassius had Pindorus kill him instead of taking his loses on the battle field like a man. However, it 's funny that none of…

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  • The Contradiction Of Brutus In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

    The Contradiction of Brutus Despite his primary goal to prevent Rome from falling into the hands of a dictator who would ruin Rome from the inside out, Brutus himself ironically acts like a totalitarian, tyrannical, despot. Even though Brutus meets up with the other patricians planning to kill Caesar because of his threat as a king, Brutus ironically acts like a king when he overrides the other’s ideas to enforce his own logic. When Cassius confronts him in the second scene, Brutus first reveals…

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  • Julius Caesar Involvement In War Essay

    Caesar’s involvement in Gallic wars: Best for Roman Empire or Self-Promotion? Julius Caesar, one of many glorious Roman leaders, was a well known military leader but he was also known for being a gigantic narcissist. So, was he justified in getting involved in the Gallic wars? To understand Caesar’s reasoning behind getting into the war, we must first know what happened in Gaul. Caesar was on a military high in a military low. He had just gotten noticed as a great military leader and…

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