Jury Triumphs Mother Who Drowned Children Analysis

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All responsibility must come with external stimuli in the form of fault. An example would be Julius Caesar. Caesar was at fault for besieging the city of Rome and ruling over the Roman Republic as a dictator. His decision led to the death of hundreds but also caused the Roman Empire which emerged and spurred a period of learning and technology like nothing before. This question may be complicated but does wrongdoing in the world lead to our greatest Triumphs? This question is explained by Sherlock Holmes, Trial and Error by Tim Harford, "Everything You Need to Know About the Bill Cosby Trial", “Texas Jury Convicts Mother Who Drowned Children”. Wrongdoing is a necessary fault for while responsibility is the reaction to a fault.
Sherlock Holmes
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Sherlock realizes that rules must be broken and sometimes faults have to be made so that in the end the result is morally responsible. Sherlock has used the fault in the world to gain a sense of responsibility that otherwise would not exist.In the Ted Talk: Trial, Error, and the God Complex Hartford talks about the faults in society and how they benefit humanity. He begins talking of Archie Cochrane a German doctor who was placed in a concentration camp during World War 2 who studied diseases that prisoners would contract and try to cure them based on trial and error. He kept journals on the patients and ended up curing diseased based on trial and error with no equipment. The talk shows that while it was the germans wrongdoing that the prisoners contracted diseases it lead to greater innovation in the field of medicine. The discoveries made had a greater impact on the betterment of society than the prisoners or the doctors themselves. As a society, we should stop talking about fault as a bad thing but a way to improve life in the long term by not always thinking that we are right. This is further …show more content…
Bill Cosby has been accused of rape by over 50 women while he committed terrible and unspeakable acts the women who came forward started a movement that now envelopes Hollywood. By accusers coming forward it shows kids to be responsible. When small children grow up in today's world of connectivity they normally think whatever is on TV or the news is what they should do as they do not have a moral compass at a young age. Also by seeing women stand up for what they believe in and take responsibility for righting wrongs in society it not only empowers youth but also adults. This sense of empowerment shows others that they must be responsible for their actions or else others will hold them responsible. Out of the fault that Bill Cosby committed he did not take responsibility for actions but was given responsibility by his accusers which shows that you cannot just get away with things in society because someone will hold you accountable. Lastly, Bill Cosby shows people the difference between right and wrong and his punishment that goes along with acting in immoral ways. It helps show society that even if you are famous you are held accountable for your actions. While all of these seemingly separate they all go back to the fact that if this fault hadn't occurred there would not be social reforms to show kids and adults that responsibility

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