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  • Comparing Sophocles Creon And Homer's Telemachus

    observing their personalities, it is made aware that there is a transcendence back to reality and back into a hero’s mindset. To begin with, these two characters exhibit selfishness meaning they operate in a manner that proves to be convenient for their own personal gain starting with…

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  • Reincarnation In Hinduism

    Study of Religion: Hinduism Hinduism is an extremely dynamic religion with emphasis placed on tolerance and the cosmos (Fisher 68). At the center of this philosophy is a major theme, reincarnation. Reincarnation is a central aspect of the Hindu religion, due to the fact that it can be connected to nearly every ritual or doctrine. It is believed that one can only meet Moksha by being reincarnated into higher castes by creating good karma during each life. Moksha is described as an escape from…

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  • Applications Of Kolcaba's Comfort Theory Case Study

    or race needs some form of comfort during any procedures, treatment, illness, or hospitalization to achieve maximum recovery possible. Comfort is the immediate, holistic experience of being strengthened when one’s needs for relief, ease, and transcendence (types of comfort) are addressed in the four contexts of holistic human experience: physical, psych spiritual, sociocultural, and environmental (Alligood, 2014). The purpose of choosing this theory is because of its usability and applicability…

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  • Non Euclidean Geometry Essay

    Eliot explores a myriad of interpretations of the meaning of logos in the Four Quartets through Einstein’s theory of Relativity, by examining it through the bending of space and time, ultimately using this lens to arrive at the conclusion of the Incarnation. This curvature of spacetime opened the doors to the reality of a new method of understanding the world: non-Euclidean Geometry. Non-Euclidean Geometry differs from several key postulates of traditional Euclidean Geometry. These reworked…

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  • Who Is The Hero In Tolstoy's The Death Of Ivan Ilych

    The entirety of Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilych leads up to the revelation Ivan has right before he is finally met with his death. The book harps on the idea that Ivan has not lived his live to the fullest, and arguably had not truly lived. Ivan valued power and doing things just as society dictated they should be done. Only in his final moments, he realizes how wrong he was in what he valued and pursued. Ivan finds himself wondering what the correct way of life would have been. Tolstoy…

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  • Dramatistic Criticism In The Help

    The Help Paper Throughout the novel The Help, there are many instances of Dramatistic Criticism. The first principal of Dramatistic Criticism is hierarchy. Hierarchy is fundamental to human symbolism. This principle of hierarchy does not allow for rest. There is always something that we believe we need or want to make us better (Payne, p. 267-268). In order to be on top of the pyramid of hierarchy, you must be the richest, the best and the most beautiful. The Help reveals the inner workings…

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  • Albert Speer: Architectural Grandeur

    Architectural Grandeur An analytical study of Albert Speer’s work and how he created memory through works of ar¬¬chitecture. The scale of a building is usually driven by the client’s notion to create and establish an understanding that is derived from its appearance and structural might: an experience by the people that experience the spaces within the building. It’s also through the scale of the building that memory of the owner will transcend into the future to create a lasting memory.…

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  • Scruton And Dupre: A Comparative Analysis

    Roger Scruton and Louis Dupre express their opinions on culture, and how culture cannot continue when people forsake it. Scruton claims the identity of a culture comes from the interest of the people in the culture that originates from the elites. Dupre contrasts with Scruton by saying the people within the culture find their identity by their nature. If culture is to survive, Scruton believes it must be passed on to future generations through education. For culture to survive in Dupre’s view,…

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  • Analysis Of Katharine Kolcaba's Comfort Theory

    Theory and Rationale For my concept analysis, I am interested in researching is patient advocacy and how nurses use the concept in critical situations, such as placing a patient in comfort measures only. For my research, I discover that Katharine Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory will work best with my patient advocacy concept. The rationale behind the Comfort Theory is that it presents how the nurse cares for the needs of the patient; whether they are critically ill or not. In comparison to patient…

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  • Essay On Pathological Love

    researcher’s findings. (4points The point of the article is to prove that pathological love is a case of a person that suffers from impulsivity and a high level of self-transcendence that makes a relationship unhealthy. The authors are using evidence to prove their hypothesis. “If a person has a high level of impulsivity and self-transcendence, then they are most likely a pathological…

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