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  • The Future Of Pi Is No Symbol In Mathematics

    Math is about numbers; these numbers span from positive to negative, rational to irrational and complex to imaginary. The main number that this essay will be looking at is the irrational number known as pi. Many different civilizations throughout history have had their own approximations for pi. In fact one of the first aspects in defining the number known as pi was coming up with a variable that could represent this number. Π was decided to be the variable that stuck and its origins can be…

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  • Theories Of Feminist Ethics

    Alison Jaggar faults traditional ethics for letting women down in many ways. Significantly it shows less concern for women 's as opposed to men 's issues and interests and overvalues culturally masculine attributes such as hierarchy, domination and transcendence. Whilst undervalues culturally feminine attributes such as connection, nature and process life. (Jaggar, 1992). Feminist theories and that of ethics reduce the primarily masculine sphere of International Relations. The reality is in the…

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  • American Beauty Film Analysis

    MOVIE CHOSEN: American Beauty American Beauty, a movie directed by Sam Mendes is a movie about taking a break from our ordinary day to day lives and becoming aware of the beauty around us while redefining what ‘beauty’ means to different people. It presents a satirical critique on the images of ‘beauty’ and ‘success’ portrayed by media and society which we internalize and strive to achieve leading to feelings of insecurity and confusion. By following a postmodernist approach, the director…

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  • Change Agent In Nursing

    Maslow later breaks down the growth needs into different factors such as cognition: to know, to understand and explore; aesthetic: symmetry, organize and beauty; self-actualization: to recognize one’s maximum potential. The last component was self-transcendence: to help other people realize their potential without interfering one’s ego (Huitt, 2007). Therefore, understanding Maslow’s theory gives a change agent clues to understanding the audience that the change agent wants to motivate for the…

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  • The Importance Of Domesticity In The Great Gatsby

    Weeping that her baby is a girl, Daisy is dependent on men to make her key decisions for her (133, 151): secure in and yet remote from male ownership and ardor, "making only a polite, pleasant effort to entertain or to be entertained" (12-13), she radiates a carefully girlish charm of irrationality and whimsy: "Do you want to hear about the butler's nose?" (14). Woman, it appears, is presented only as romance, in the restless world of glamour where there are only the pursued and the pursuing. As…

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  • Greek Tragedy

    It is through catharsis that the work of literature finds resolution and attains transcendence. At the tail end of the play Maurya sees a vision of Michael, at a time when she isn’t certain of his death. Her daughters have been hanging the bundle of clothes given to them by the priest in order to shield their mother from the truth. However…

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  • Transgender Issues

    The World Transgender individuals face and the factors that lead to mental and physical health issues Transgender individuals are those individuals that feel trapped in the wrong body; in other words they feel that they have being born with the wrong physical sex. With this out of the ordinary social expectations in today’s society, Transgender individuals are struggling with many issues that greatly impact them as a human beings. These problems can affect transgender or gender nonconforming…

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  • Innocence In The Great Gatsby

    To quote James E. Miller Jr, “it is his tragedy that his vision of transcendence come to focus on an object that is enchanting on the surface, rotten at the core” (Miller 2). In essence, Daisy appears to be the romantic dream that Gatsby portrayed her as, but in actuality is the terrible person that ruins him. Unfortunately…

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  • Justice And Righteousness In The Mosaic Law

    JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUSNESS IN THE MOSAIC LAW “Little children, let us not love in word or speech but in deed and in truth.” , With these words, John the beloved exhorts the Church community to look beyond themselves and to care for the needs of the people around them. The needs are plentiful in a world that has departed from its initial idyllic state and love is a tool that works to bring about its healing and restoration. Love requires action. This concept is not unique to the Apostle, but…

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  • Jungian Archetypes In Perseus

    science terms, is the amount of random energy in the universe. Jung’s theory states that, during the course of our life, this energy decreases as the opposing forces in our life come together and resolve themselves. This puts us in a state of transcendence, or being able to see both the good and bad parts of ourselves, which allows us to be able to rise above these differences (Boeree para.…

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