Examples Of Parent Methods And Early School Environments

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Parent Methods and Early School Environments
Two variables that have not yet been examined when it comes to child development, toys, and gender roles are parenting methods and school environments. How does a parent choose what their child will play with, and how does this tie into the associations made with gender? In her book, The Gender Trap, Emily Kane discusses the issue of parents falling into the “gender trap,” something she coins to be “a set of expectations and structures that inhibit social change and stall many parents’ best intentions for loosening the limits that gender can impose upon us,” (3). By examining this trap, I will discuss the parents’ role in the choosing what toys are deemed suitable for their children, and in what
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In Wisnowski’s article, Raising a Gender Non-Conforming Child, she recounts the ups and downs she has faced raising her second child, Bobbi (not real name). Bobbi was born male, but from early childhood found greater interest in things such as Barbie and nail polish as opposed to “typical boy toys.” Wisnowski explains that while she was capable of controlling the home environment for Bobbi, allowing him to play with/do what he liked (male pronouns are used in this part of the article), the years when Bobbi started going to school made for new and difficult challenges. “During the early years of elementary school, there was a lot of rage [ for Bobbi ]… I was questioning what was really happening, but was so hoping this was a long phase and that one day I 'd wake up and it would be gone.” Wisnowski admits here that she did not want Bobbi to be different or outside of the norm. Her initial feelings about Bobbi’s atypical behavior and interests were fear and concern. The rage that Bobbi felt in those early years of school could be attributed to the types of toys and expectations that Bobbi was unfamiliar with. Growing up in a home where one could freely be interested in what one wanted led to harder times when Bobbi was placed in an environment that Wisnowski could not

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