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  • Yahweh's Character Analysis

    Characteristically, the LORD of the covenant revealed Himself in the stormy power of clouds, thunder, and lightning (Exodus 19-20; Judges 5:4-5; and II Kings 2:1), demonstrating His transcendence above and control over all of these phenomena which so terrify humans in their destructive might. The Hebrew word for storm (sa’arah) also figures in Ezekiel 1:4 in a context that vibrates with power: “I looked and behold a wind storm (ru’ah sa’arah)…

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  • Spirituality In Counseling

    Spirituality in Counseling Matthew Van Roosevelt University Psychology 605 Spirituality in Counseling Spirituality in counseling has been the source of much controversy and uneasiness over the past century. This topic has seen drastic shifts in how it is perceived and treated in the field of psychology. From being shunned and treated as mentally unstable to being accepted as whole, people that find spirituality important have experienced a range of responses. Why have we seen a shift in…

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  • Marina's Performance Art Analysis

    Marina Abramović is one of the greatest female performing artists of the 20th century, known as "performance art" mother and as a self described "grandmother of performance art." Marina, as an early creator of long-term cosmopolitan, no fixed abode living, has lived in Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil, the United States, and as such is truly a "global citizen." Marina began her nearly four-decade long performance art career in the 1970's. She uses her body as her raw material and as her original…

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  • Gustav Klimt The Kiss Analysis

    Gender is a social and cultural conception of being male or female. The presentation of gender in art often depicts the divide between the social and sexual identification of being masculine and feminine. The roles of males and females have been contested throughout history and has been prominent subject of experimentation in the arts. Although contemporary artworks play a crucial role in advancing the equality of women in society, artworks, especially that of Gustav Klimt, in the past have…

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  • Analysis Of Haystack At Giverny By Vassily Kandinsky

    Vassily Kandinsky was a Russian painter, writer, teacher, art theorist and the father of abstract art. Being a trained musician, he used music in his approach to color which he made sing from the canvas. A major turning point in his style of art came after he viewed Claude Monet’s “Haystack at Giverny” at a Moscow exhibition. Over the years he perfected his style of abstract art. He inspired other artists, wrote books on his theories, worked with museums, and ballet’s, experienced his work…

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  • Movie Analysis: Blade Runner

    Blade Runner: Cops and Monsters After thoughtful consideration and research, I can call Blade Runner a [year] masterpiece. The movie definitely sets itself apart from other films of the time not only because of its particular story and eccentric characters, but also because it aligns in its composition two distinctive types of genre, Science Fiction and Film Noir. After watching the movie and discussing it in class, what caught my attention about the film was the fact that its composition and…

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  • Field Observation Report Sample

    worship long before an key on the organ is played. The design of the interior St. Paul’s sanctuary puts the altar as the focus of the worship liturgy. Similar to a Gothic Cathedral, St. Paul’s interior seems to express what Duck calls “a sense of transcendence and light.” High ceilings added to the drama of the distance of God. The altar was a considerable distance away from the first pew. I imagine that this distance makes approaching the altar during communion feel like approaching somewhere…

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  • Indus Valley Seals Essay

    Introduction During 2000 BC the Indus Valley was alive with trade. This area flourished economically as it was a hub for many surrounding areas. Throughout history a vast and diverse amount of artwork has been unearthed within the Indus Valley. In particular an art form known as Seals. Seals served many purposes during the Indus Valley Civilization. However one major purpose of Seals were their ability to represent local economic and political powers. This research paper serves the purpose to…

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  • The Man Of Mode Character Analysis

    In this paper, the primary purpose is focusing on the evolution of the character named Dorimant from “The Man of Mode” in regards to his social rank in society. The thesis is the evolution of Dorimant’s social rank, in respects to his fall from once being considered the alpha. Throughout the novel, signs of Dorimant’s descent for this position of alpha is apparent. As the novel proceeds through the five acts, Dorimant’s descent become ever more apparent as he begins to give into his emotions.…

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  • Analysis Of The Sociological Imagination C. Wright Mills

    1.1 In The Sociological Imagination C. Wright Mills describes the sociological imagination as enabling “us to grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within society” (Mills [1959] 2000:6). The sociological imagination facilitates individuals to locate themselves within society, the historical context of their society, and recognize the other individuals that are in his or her same state. “The sociological imagination enables its possessor to understand the larger historical…

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