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  • Prime Reality: The Really Real?

    What is prime reality – the really real? I was thinking ‘What is reality’? I decided to look up the definition. “Reality is the conjectured state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined. In a wider definition, reality includes everything that is and has been, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible. A still broader definition includes everything that has existed, exists, or will exist.” Even though I found this definition, I am still…

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  • Friday Night Lights Movie Essay

    The media misinterprets the values of Christianity and portrays Christian celebrities in a negative way. Naturally, the media is giving the people what they want and sometimes it is not always true. Real life Christian celebrities speak out about their religious beliefs and how the media sees them. Television shows and movies include religious characters that end up being the murderer or adulterer, which gives religion a negative review in society. The negative portrayal of Christians in today’s…

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  • Football Impact On Society Essay

    Whether a children want to be the next Tim Tebow or simply is looking for a way to stay active, football helps children to work harder. Many school districts require that student athletes maintain a certain grade point average to play on game days. This rule pushes students to stay focused in school…

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  • The Importance Of College Education

    Attending college and the value thereof has dramatically changed along with the market for jobs during the past several decades. And as a consequence of a shrinking base of professions requiring appropriate higher education, the United States has experienced high unemployment accompanying some of those transformations. Although such ominous trends can spell gloom and doom for many, it doesn’t necessarily imply a college education an unwise choice. It does, unequivocally, advocate for cautious…

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  • Omestic Violence In The NFL

    omestic Violence in the NFL Family can be consider one of the most sacred things to have in life. There are people out there who will go to many lengths to protect their family. Family may consist of just your spouse, or it can include children. When people let their defenses down with a significant other for the most part it is believed that that person will be your equal and will be there to take of you and never harm you or your children. Domestic violence is a subject that many people know…

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  • Four Types Of Learning Disabilities

    Tim Tebow, Whoopi Goldberg, Steven Spielberg, and Agatha Christie are all very accomplished athletes, actresses, directors, and authors, but what do they all have in common? All four of these well-known celebrities have learning disabilities or LDs. “Learning disorders are academic difficulties experienced by children and adults of average to above-average intelligence. People with learning disorders have difficulty with reading, writing, mathematics, or a combination of the three. These…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Faith

    something. Some people are dying because of their faith, such as, in the Middle East. Countless are being tortured for their belief in God. While others are severely criticized for showing any signs of their faith, for instance, the football player Tim Tebow. He prayed before, during, and after his games and the media was unmerciful toward him and his actions. One important fact that the media left out was his tireless charity work helping orphans, sick children, and the homeless. When I was…

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  • Cycle Of Marriage

    Much like the cycle of poverty, marriage is cyclic as well. A child born to a married couple is more likely to be married in his lifetime, and a child born out-of-wedlock is less likely to be married. In order to break this cycle, marriage needs to be reintroduced back into communities where marriage has declined the most. This means reintroducing marriage into the inner city, places with low educational attainment rates, and places where low-income people are struggling the most (Pew Research…

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  • Essay On Developmental Delay In Communication

    or received and sometimes we are not. We are, however, always sending and receiving them (Tamparo and Lindh, 2008, pg. 12). The incident I am choosing to write about and analyze happened at A Night To Shine, which is an prom-like event hosted by Tim Tebow for individuals with disabilities. There is a buddy system in place to make sure that all individuals with disabilities are paired with one person (their buddy) and must remain with them for the entirety of the night. My “date” was a…

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  • Can Virtue Be Taught

    Can virtue be taught? The question has incessantly remained and, yet, has not been straightforwardly answered. In 1509, a transcript was written and centered on the dialog of a respectable philosopher, Socrates, and a student, Meno, of the prominent sophist, Gorgias. Through this 105-page discussion, Socrates and Meno are assumed to be tentatively discussing what virtue is, and if it can be taught. Though the duo inquire and answer several additional questions, by the end of the book, all we…

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