Analysis Of Tim Burton Film Style

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Almost every directors have a "trademark" style for example Quentin Tarantino is known for "non-linear storylines" or Martin Scorsese is known for frequent using "slow motion "shots. Tim Burton also ranks among this list. He is known “gothicism” since almost all his film portray a dark concept from his childhood experiences which makes him unique from others directors.
In order to express his “gothicism” style he use two common features on all his films. Which is lighting and camera movements. With those simple techniques he makes astonishing out of the world films which audiences members loves to watch.
Lighting techniques is essential for all films to set the setting of movie however Tim Burton seems to break the typical light techniques. He created his own style of lighting for instance in the movie “Batman” most of the time Batman was primarily covered in shadows, which subconsciously makes us think that batman is dangerous character. Which is not true because Batman is good guy who fights villains and protects Gotham City. Whereas the Joker looks like a happy-go-luck person for how he is dressed however he is
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No matter how dark or bright is the film he will always use the gothic theme. Almost all of Burton’s film the main character has the same personality. All of them are strange in their own way but at same time they are outcast nobody understand them and septate from the world. Another thing you would find in his films are flashback scene. He use that technique to add a back story on his main characters and explain why they are like that. Also he like to use actors that have the same vision that he has. Only three people meet up as his requirements which Johnny Deep, Helen Bonham Carter and Christopher Lee which he frequently collaborates on his films. Tim burton has unusual visual style from characters, props, and setting are widely exaggerated in cartoonish

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