Tim Burton's Cinematic Techniques In Edward Scissorhands

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Tim Burton Cinematic Techniques
Tim Burton uses cinematic techniques such as music and sound, lighting, editing, and camera movements. Cinematic techniques are basically used to explain how the editing, music, lighting, and camera movement are used in the movies. All three of the movies connects with the cinematic techniques by showing different aspects and how the techniques were used in the movies. Also they connect with the techniques by showing how the mood is developed like in the movie Edward Scissorhands. In the movies, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Tim Burton uses cinematic techniques to portray theme for his audience.
Burton, in Edward scissorhands, uses cinematic techniques such as lighting, camera movements, music, and editing in order to show the techniques how the moods changed as most people used him. In Edward Scissorhands, Burton used lighting when the whole neighborhood had light coloring except the mansion in the back which is where Edward lives. In addition, he also used lighting when Jim and Kim got Edward to help them break inside Jim’s father house and they just left him and when he was walking out it was dark but the lighting made his scissorhands look like knives when the police were flashing the lights on him. Another cinematic technique Burton used in the movie was camera movements. He used camera movements when he was doing some of the special things he could do with his scissorhands. For instance, when

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