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  • Theme Of Redemption In A Christmas Carol

    explains that Scrooge will have a chain just as heavy if he is not redeemed. Jacob Marley warns Scrooge that if he does not change his way of life, he will have a very heavy chain weighing him down. Marley informs Scrooge that three Christmas Spirits will visit him, attempting to redeem him. The first ghost, The Ghost of Christmas Past, visits Scrooge at one o’clock in the morning. Scrooge’s curtains are blown and the spirit arrives. This spirit uses a triangular hat to cover the light coming from its head. The spirit explains calmly that he is The Ghost of Christmas Past and tells Scrooge to get up and follow him. The ghost grants Scrooge to have the ability to fly and they exit the large window together. The spirit takes Scrooge to his old school where he sees his childhood classmates. Scrooge begins to cry, astonished that he is back. Inside the school, the ghost shows Scrooge his younger self, who is spending the holidays alone. Scrooge is also shown his sister, Fan, telling his younger self that he is invited home for the holidays. The ghost brings Scrooge to more prior Christmas celebrations. Later, Scrooge is brought to a conversation between himself and his ex-fiancé, Belle, where she is breaking off their engagement. Belle is explaining that Scrooge has changes and he is not the same person she knew when they formed the contract. The ghost brings Scrooge to more recent Christmases where Belle is married and has children. Scrooge is taught to open his shut-out heart…

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  • Christopher Columbus Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

    I believe the world is fueled by curiosity. Where would we be if Christopher Columbus had not been curious enough to sail across the Atlantic? We would probably be a hundred years late on the original timeline that was set. Where would the world be if people were not open minded? Theories would have not been created, theories shaped our education. If people were not persistent through life, then we would give up on every bump in the road and never solve issues. A world without flexibility would…

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  • Grandfather Clock By Gary Soto

    belong to great people, and furniture that were traded in for money, but the most interesting furniture in the store was probably the grandfather clock. No one couldn’t tell where he came from or who made him, nor could even the store owner identify where he was from. He was a tall but an old grandfather clock, he can look over everyone in the antique store, but the other furniture would be making fun of him because he was different from everyone else. Talking about how no one would ever want a…

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  • A Summary Of Sydney Redd's Rebellion

    One stormy day in Huckleberry, an eleven-year- old girl named Sydney Redd was cleaning out their dirty, wet attic. As she was going through all of the old pictures and filthy albums she saw a bunch of pictures of her mom. Her mom, Emily Redd, died when Sydney was two years old, she had died for a reason that Sydney still does not know. As she was looking at the pictures she started crying because she really missed her mom. Her dad heard her crying so he came up and comforted Sydney.…

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  • What Happened To Mary Shelley's Frankenstein?

    In retrospect, what may have drawn the creature’s attention, was in the way I walked. Familiar to every eight-year-old prepubescent, was the act of not bothering to lift your leg one after the other. An often reprimanded undertaking, that created a great deal of sound, when hard plastic greeted with worn and cracked concreate. The sky had greyed, and it had an annoying indecisive attitude as to whether it wanted to rain or not. It was halfway down a “shortcut,” an alley that separated the…

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  • Analysis Of Jean Advertising

    does not have a proper basis for advertising. Once one knows who they are advertising to, they must know how to approach said audience. An advertisement for little girls would not feature old men golfing and chatting about their rheumatoid arthritis, just as an advertisement against smoking would not involve people happily smoking. Such aspects are counter productive when it comes to advertising. This goes for any product, including clothing. In the jean advertisements for JCPenney and American…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Addiction To Aromatic Fuels

    that I neglect this small preventative action or the chain would become a useless mass of rusted junk. This lesson was hammered into my brain by my mother 's father, my boat-building grandfather. Fuel costs were a direct function of my ambition and willingness to break a sweat. I was just twelve years old and short of crossing the rubicon into teenage life when my lifelong addiction to aromatic fuels began. The model airplanes I flew before my discovery of fuel were powered by rubber band…

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  • Dragon Descriptive Writing

    Dragon Prince In a strange night, I rushed my way through maze of shops, so that I could avoid people attention around me and suddenly a woman seize my arm and pulled me closer to her. “I sell many fruits and at the good price, I could give you a discount since you are one handsome young man” the old woman smiled generously and waved her hand at me from a stand of red apple. The truth is, my stomach is like want to ask the red apple from the old woman, if only I had more money, I can buy the…

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  • The Pink Rock Essay

    The Pink Rock: The pink rock represents the paperweight that started Winston’s rebellion against the party system. This was the first act of outward rebellion. This rock of wonder turned Winston’s once naive mind to something that produced hate towards the system. Since the government does not like the middle class to purchase items from shops he could get into trouble just for being in their, let alone purchasing the worthless item. The weight is a piece of coral wrapped in glass. It catches…

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  • The Book Thief Narrative

    from his death,” when Liesel told him about Max (Zusak 414). Basically, Death told the readers that Rudy was going to die young multiple times throughout the entire book. Apparently, there should not be any surprises in his opinion. Plus, Death occasionally describes himself with humanlike emotions. When Death spotted Liesel for the first time, he claimed that “curiosity got the better of me” (Zusak 14). Usually, humans do not associate Death with the characteristics of a person. Common belief…

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