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  • Brutus And Antony's Speech Analysis

    The play “Julius Caesar” explained two men named Brutus and Antony who both presented speeches in front of their town with different meanings about the assassination of Caesar. Antony had to ask Brutus for permission to speak at Caesar’s funeral. His despairing emotion and speech drawed the crowds special attention. Antony speech does not show any praise of caesar but does show sympathy and memorable memories that caesar did for his town. This whole situation sums a complete catastrophe. If Caesar was still living he would not allow the citizens of his village have freedom and be enslaved. Antony’s speech was more effective because it gave a positive meaning to the citizens. He begin to express his emotions about Caesar and his thoughts about the killing. Antony somehow had a positive impact on himself and others. That is why in my opinion, Antony is more of a leader than Brutus. Brutus is one of the defendants who assassinated Caesar with no regret. Brutus wants to be a ruler so terribley bad that he is willing to kill Caesar for the job. How this statement is true he begins to say”Had you rather Caesar were living and die all slaves, then that Caesar were dead, to live all free men?” What Brutus said does have a huge point to it, if Caesar were still alive all of the citizens would be slaves. Antony’s speech draws a lot of attention from its repetition. In Antony’s speech he compliments Brutus and Caesar practically every time he begins a sentence. Brutus of course…

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  • Giorgio Agamben's Writing Of Sovereign Power And Bare Life

    This figure is called homo sacer, and in Agamben 's theory, it is a person whom one could kill with impunity (without consequences) (Agamben, 8). He compares this person to the living dead because although they are physically alive, they could be killed at anytime (theoretically) as they have been regulated by sovereign power to be outside the law (Agamben, 8). These individuals, although they can be killed because they are not a citizen, cannot be sacrifices in religious ceremonies because they…

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  • Human Origin Research Paper

    family to take on the task of uncovering and deciphering our origins by way of paleoanthropology. She was born and raised in Kenya and developed a passion for paleontology while she was out on expeditions with her parents while growing up. More recently, Louise and her mother, Meave Leakey, discovered a 3.5 million year old skull that is now considered to be a new branch on the hominid family tree; Kenyanthropus platyops (Mitchell). She and her team also discovered “...a very complete cranium of…

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  • 'Yuval Harari' By Jared Diamond

    logical research to each part of mankind 's history and also towards parts of history for which no composed records exist. In truth, Harari utilizes less science than Diamond. He underscores the trouble of knowing in detail the lives of our remote ancestors and is frequently gratified to clarify points that are in effect desperately explored by the all the more forensically slanted. His thoughts are for the most part not new, which are referenced from Diamond, but rather he has an exceptionally…

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  • Essay On Homo Erectus

    this paper, I am going to discuss the Homo erectus, Homo Heidelbergensis, and Archaic Homo sapiens. The paper will make comparative analyses of the individual species and point out why I believe they deserve to be categorized as distinct species instead of a one species that has different characteristics due to geographical differences. The Homo Heidelbergensis are approximated to have lived about 600,000 years ago. This simply means the Heidelberg Man and was derived from the German city…

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  • Elements Of Rational Choice Theory

    What are the key elements of Rational Choice Theory? • Beeson and Firth (1998) ‘Neoliberalism as a political rationality: Australian public policy since the 1980’s’, Journal of Sociology, Vol 34. Pp 215-231 In Beeson and Firth’s article, I gain a further insight into the conception of liberalism and the implementation of rational choice theory, specifically focusing on economic gain and wealth. The authors thoroughly researched the introduction of liberalism in the 1900’s and the resurgence…

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  • Analysis Of Forth To The Mighty Conflict By Allen Cronenberg

    Forth To The Mighty Conflict. By Allen Cronenberg. (Tuscaloosa and London, A.L.: The University of Alabama Press, 1995.) “The Great Arsenal of the South” most Alabamians called home during the Second World War. Between munitions, aviation, shipbuilding, and shear will and manpower Alabama made huge contributions during World War II. Alabama was strong figuratively, but also economically during this time as it was one of the first states to recover from the Great Depression. Why did Mr.…

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  • Summary Of The Hobbit

    This book is about Hobbits. Or at least one Hobbit. A Hobbit is kind of like a human and kind of like a dwarf, but is smaller than a dwarf and human. They are quick on their feet and silent. They do not have any kind of magic in them, though some would say that being able to quietly and quickly dissapear from sight is a magic thing. The Hobbits name that this story is about is Bilbo Baggins. Gandalf, who is a wizard, comes one day to the Shire, where Bilbo lives. Since Hobbits are usually always…

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  • Megafana Extinction Research Paper

    (picture 4) – The Megalania was a giant lizard (monitor lizard). It reached a whopping 5-6m in length two to three metres longer than the largest living lizard species the Komodo dragon. This giant lizard’s closest living relatives are the goanna and the Komodo dragon, (Varanus komodoensis). They arent direct descendents. • Determine the approximate time period in which the Australian megafauna became extinct. It is believed that around 1.64 million years ago the first megafauna came into…

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  • Australopithecus Afarensis Essay

    Australopithecus Afarensis Species and Their Existence Humans are a species of hominidae. A hominid is any one of a family, hominidae, of mammals that includes humans with their extinct ancestral forms. Hominids evolved from each other. Humans have evolved over the millions of years from the first hominid. One of the hominid species that humans have evolved from is the Australopithecus Afarensis. A classification of an Australopithecus Afarensis is a Southern Ape. This species is a…

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