Prehistoric People Essay

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Required Reading: Prehistoric people:

1. What does the term “Prehistoric People” mean? How has the advancement in the study of such peoples grown and developed over time?

Prehistoric people are humans who lived before writing was invented 5.500 years ago.

2. Where (location) and when (date) were the remains of the oldest known hominid found?

The remains of the oldest known hominid were discovered in the Djurab Desert in 2001.

3. Which species of Australopithecus is “Lucy”? What is the significance of her discovery?

“Lucy” is a female A. afarensis. Her discovery led scientists to discovering the fossilized footprints of A. afarensis. The footprints of A. afarensis is similar to the modern people’s footprint, which means A. afarensis walked bipedally.
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The remains can include buildings, artwork, tools, or pottery. Archaeologists look at the surrounding of the remains to see how the remains were used. Americans and Europeans consider archeology a branch of anthropology, which is the scientific study of human culture. They search information about how, where, and when cultures developed. They want to know why major changes occurred in certain cultures like why did ancient people started farming instead of continuing to hunt or why people built cities and set up trade routes.

8. Briefly define the three basic kinds of archaeological evidence:

Artifacts, features, and ecofacts are the three basic kinds of archaeological evidence. Any objects made by human hands are artifacts like pyramids and ceramic pots. Evidence of past human activities visible as disturbances in the Earth are features; some examples are pits for storage, houses and tombs, and canals. Natural objects found with artifacts or features are ecofacts. Ecofacts show clues about the past environment and how people used available resources like seeds for example.

9. What are the main steps in surveying an archaeological

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