Out Of Africa Theory: The Hominin Evolution Theory

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The hominin evolution theory is the idea of Homo sapiens sapiens (AMHs) evolved from a lineage of hominins in Africa. The purpose of the project is to determine the genus and species of seven skulls discovered by Dr. Musoma in Africa, Europe and Asia, approximate the age of each skull, interpret the evolutionary pathway of each species, and provide evidence for and against the “Out of Africa” theory. The purpose of the project with be completed and evidence on the “Out of Africa” theory will be found.
Based upon the information left with each of the seven skulls, the remains can be identified with the appropriate genus and species. For all seven skulls, Dr. T. C. Musoma left the cranial capacity, location and the artifacts, if any, found with the remains at each site. Through research, the genus and species of skull one is Homo habilis. (Gonzalez, pwpt) Skull two was determined to be
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The second theory of “Out of Africa” involves Homo sapiens (archaic) leaving African and replacing most populations of Homo erectus in Europe and Asia. Homo sapiens sapiens left Africa and spread into the rest of the world which brought about the third theory of “Out of Africa.” The evidence for and against the theories of Out of Africa have been developed throughout time. The increase in bipedalism due to the anatomical changes to the skeletal build of each species supports each theory. Also, the changing environments and diet of each species support the theories of “Out of Africa.” Through research, there is little evidence against the theory of “Out of Africa.” According to Dr. Katarina Harvatia, the genetic diversity of the species who left Africa wouldn’t have evolved as quickly as timeline presents which goes against the theory of “Out of Africa.” (Harvatia, Mysterious

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