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  • Effects Of Childhood Trauma

    INTRODUCTION Around the world, millions of children are experiencing loss and abuse, and its effects. Experiencing loss and abuse as a child are types of childhood trauma. Childhood trauma, according to the National Institute of Mental health is, “The experiences of an event by a child that is emotionally painful or distressful, which often results in lasting mental and physical effects”[1]. Abuse and loss can lead to childhood trauma depending on how influential they are as well as how well…

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  • The Negative Emotional Effects Of Abortion

    Abortion is a procedure that 30% of U.S. women undergo in their lifetime (Rocca 2013). With that amount of people in the equation, it makes this issue a booming topic that creates tension on all levels of society. Abortion can affect each woman differently. Some have a sense of relief while others feel regret. One important factor contributing to the negative emotional effects of abortion is one’s belief about the unborn baby. “Those who believe it is not a baby until it is born have less of a…

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  • Essay On Human Nervous System

    The human nervous system is our electrical wiring of the body that transmits signals between different parts of the body. It has two components; the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. The nervous system is an intricate part of your body and life that 's made up of two separate systems, the brain, and spinal cord. During prenatal growth, the nervous system experiences many changes to gain its compound structure. The events of this early development include the…

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  • Neurons Essay

    Neurons are the cells specialized to receive, conduct, and transmit signal to the nervous system. The development of neurons starts early during the embryogenesis. After the fusion of sperm and egg, zygote is formed which is further divided to form blastula eventually leading to gastrula stage of development. Gastrulation begins as invagination of cells in the embryo leading to the formation of three germ layers. Formation of notochord from the mesodermal layer marks the beginning of neurulation…

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  • Depression: What Are The Main Causes Of Depression

    Depression: It means being continually sad or unhappy. It is usually accompanied by lethargy and loss of appetite and sleep disturbances. The patient normally withdraws from his friends and becomes less social. Seligman (1973), said depression psychiatry "cold”, because of its diagnostic frequency. It is usually easy to see when someone is depressed What Are the Main Causes of Depression? Depression can occur due to a variety of reasons such as: • Abuse: Misuse, Past physical, sexual, or…

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  • Phantom Limb Syndrome Research Paper

    The Fabulous 5 Contributing Members: Jose Herrera, Kaci Stilson, Kristen Kuhr, Joanna Ramos, Zachary Buck 1) Etiology/Pathogenesis of Phantom Limb Syndrome In order to understand a little about Phantom limb syndrome, we must first understand normal function of a body intact and its sensory and motor pathway. The body uses electrical impulses in the form of chemical exchanges in the neurons, or nerve cells, to pass along information. Normal body function indicates that as the extremity (upper or…

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  • Morphine Research Paper

    Morphine is a drug that is used for pain relief. It acts on the central nervous system to decrease pain. The drug can be given in many forms, such as through the mouth, insertion into muscle, under the skin, intravenously, into the spinal cord, and rectally. This drug can be used for both chronic and acute pain. A person who has recently undergone surgery or a pregnancy are examples for why someone may choose to consume morphine. Morphine can increase the pain tolerance for a person who is…

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  • Brain Exercise Research Paper

    taste buds have 100 sensory cells that are most commonly stimulated by sugar, salt, and other acid. These sensory cells are the ones sending impulses to the cranial nerves, which can be found in the brainstem. It would then send the message to the thalamus going to the cerebral cortex that tells us what we just tasted. It may be a long process but it is obviously fast especially if we have tasted the food before. So if you try tasting foods that you have never tried, it would then be analyzed by…

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  • The Effects Of Schizophrenia On The Brain

    impact on dopamine in the brain. Antipsychotics block certain amounts of dopamine, depending on potency. These medications block the dopamine receptors in the brain, causing a cutoff of the neurotransmitter. While this helps in areas such as the thalamus and striatum to regulate emotional and motivated behavior and facilitate organized thought in schizophrenics, it also blocks areas such as the cerebellum which involves the fine tuning of motor movement causing undesirable side effects (Mueser…

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  • Sponge To The Human Brain

    Complex systems such as the cerebrum, hypothalamus, thalamus, and limbic system are found here. The cerebrum, latin for “brain”, is also referred to as the telencephalon. This is the largest part of the brain. It’s two hemispheres control everything from voluntary movements to cognitive and emotional processes…

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