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  • Conceptual Analysis Model

    factor. Figure 1 shows the measurement model. The constructs used in the CFA model are the same constructs presented in the previous section (Theory questions): attitude, anticipated emotion, subjective norms, group norms, perceived behavioral control, past game and service satisfaction, fan engagement, team identity, fan community identity, desires, and behavioral intentions. Each of the constructs will be measured with scales that have been used and validated in the previous studies. For CFA…

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  • Reflective Essay: Mind Gym

    at the game, I have to go off of the rumors reverberating at supersonic speeds through the thick Alabama haze. Apparently the refs were underqualified for our particular coaching staff and their athletes. What transpired got out of control with multiple personal fouls evidently called against the the wrong side plus parents displaying character that was unbecoming of the school’s core values. The athletes, coaches, and parents were all charged as guilty. No one is immune to such dilemma on…

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  • Performance-Enhancing Drugs In Sports Should Be Prohibited

    Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports Should Be Prohibited Are you an athlete or an individual who is having trouble gaining weight, keeping up with the rest of your teammates, or even getting the muscles you always dreamed of? Today, it seems as if performance-enhancing drugs are the answer to everything. However, the effects that performance-enhancing drugs can have on athletes are simply devastating. Taking that into consideration, performance-enhancing drugs should not be allowed in…

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  • The Importance Of Concussions In High School Sports

    rung, concussions are mild traumatic brain injuries that can lead to long-term…

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  • Under Armour Swot Analysis

    international company with products spanning multiple sporting industries. Under Armour’s attention to detail and quality product offering has allowed it to compete in an industry which Nike has practically monopolized. A SWOT analysis conducted on Under Armour’s business environment indicates that the company has great potential for growth. With the use of Technology and innovation Under Armour has the potential to capture more market share of the sports apparel industry from Nike. Under Armour…

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  • Alexander Cartwright: Keep Out The Dugout

    November 24TH, 1887, football fans used boxing gloves and broomsticks to play the very first, official, game of softball. Just a little over four decades earlier, Alexander Cartwright, the “father of baseball” formalized the rules, or codes, of “townball”. What is townball? Who exactly is Alexander Cartwright? What does this have to do with softball? All valid questions you may or, may not have right now. Townball or base are both older colloquial terms used to describe, what would become…

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  • The Influence Of Participation In Sports

    Methods Participants A random sample of 25 college students between 18 to 23 years of age chose to participate in survey administered through a research system used by Capital University called SONA. Participants had the option of participating in the survey from early March to March 23, 2015. Although open to all ethnicities, out of those who chose answer 20(90.9%) identified themselves as Caucasian, 1(4.54%) identified themselves as African American, and 1(4.54%) identified themselves as both…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Why Drugs Should Be Banned

    Drug abuse is the curse of modern sport and has infected it since the establishment of organised sport. Some of the first known incident of drug abuse date back 3 millennia (O'Brien, 2013). Usage of illegal performance augmenting drugs are not just unethical it is unfair to other participants too. Regardless disproportionate usage of drugs can be deadly and addictive. Currently according to their judiciary system many countries has strict punishment as banning for 6 months to lifelong ban.…

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  • Bang ! Lights Out: Concussions In Football

    concussion. A concussion is a very serious injury that results from harsh impact to the brain. Concussions can lead to serious long-term issues, as well as death and severe brain damage. With that being said, in contact sports, specifically American football, impacts to the head area are unfortunate familiarity. As a result of this problem, equipment and attire used in football has been continuously upgraded over time; however, the problem still remains. This has become a major concern for many,…

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  • How Concussions Affect The Human Body

    drug to help with the symptoms of concussions, or there should not be a drug to help just the use of bed rest. The drug would be used to relive the symptoms of concussions even though they would not be allowed to compete until they can pass their concussion test the would be allowed to live their lives. The two sides of the argument…

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