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  • Why Football Is Dangerous Essay

    degenerative brain disease that is found in people who have had a server blow to the head or multiple blows to the head. This is not the only reason why some people say that football is too dangerous? Others say that there is the possibility of sustaining a severe neck injury or spinal injury that could possibly paralyze someone for the rest of their life. There is also the side of football not being a dangerous sport. Football and football equipment has been some of the best it has been in…

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  • My Middle Childhood

    Middle childhood was a time in my life that I remember the most because it contains a lot of happy memories. This period of time brought many changes in a child’s life like mine. By this time, I was able to dress and tie my shoes by myself, and physically I had more control in my mobility. I was an eager youngster who wanted to do everything on my own and disregarded all consequences. Having independence from family became more important at this time. I enjoyed events such as starting school…

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  • The Challenges Of Video Games In The Modern World

    “Gaming in the Modern World” In the 21st century, technological advancements are becoming more and more prevalent in many countries, especially the United States. Technology can be subdivided into multiple categories such as machines, clothes, and vehicles, the main focus of many people being digital technology. In this case I am referring specifically to video games. The topic of overplaying videogames is quite frequently debated between those who believe video games are a waste of time, and…

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  • Making A Difference: Childhood Obesity

    Obesity is a medical term used by doctors to describe a patient who is over the recommended body weight, in this case the patient is a child. Many Americans know that obesity is an issue that is slowly but surely killing our nation, but rather than taking a stand they remain unmoved by this epidemic. Wallace Nelson, an American chiropractor, wrote in his article Making a Difference: Childhood Obesity, “Childhood obesity rates have more than tripled since 1980” and that’s a problem. It should…

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  • The Lone Ranger And Toto Fist Fight In Heaven By Sherman Alexie

    just anthropologists, students, and educators, because Native Americans still suffer from conflicts that everyone should be aware of, like poverty and humiliation. In reviewing this book, the author brings a narrative writing style consisting of multiple short stories that focus on daily lives of Native Americans, along with some descriptive writing style. The author, Sherman Alexie, is a brilliant source to write stories about the Spokane Tribe because he grew up on the Spokane Indian…

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  • The Importance Of Concussions In The NFL

    viewers wants and owners wants. Another major problem is people just don’t really understand the repercussions of getting a concussion. Sure, people here it all the time that it’s not good to get a concussion. However, they do not understand the long term implications and life altering effects it can really have on one’s life. These are some of the many points John Affleck points out in his article: “If football is deadly, why do we still watch?”. To know whether or not John Affleck is making…

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  • Global Marketing Case Study: Black Diamond Products In Greece

    Global Marketing Assignment Name of the company: Black diamond Sector of dealings: Sports equipment Selected country: Greece 1. Critical analysis and evaluation of company based on PESTLE: Black diamond is a sports equipment manufacturing company. If it is going to launch and introduce its products in Greece then there are a lot of factors which are going to affect all that. These factors include political, economical, sociological, technological, legal and environmental ones. Greece has an…

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  • Budweiser Lost Dog Commercial Analysis

    pages, television channels, and even radio stations. Advertising has been shown to have a positive effect on the sale of products, as it increases knowledge about them, how they are used, and where to purchase them. Many companies prefer on-screen advertisements on TV channels or during high-profile events such as sports matches and fashion shows. These placements are strategized according to the target audience. For instance, a beer product advertisement will be appropriately aired at a…

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  • Trapshooting Research Paper

    as comes out of the traphouse as well. In doing this your eyes adapt to focusing on two or more objects at once, therefore your eyes will be better off in the future. “When I started this sport 5 years ago, I had vision problems due to lack of eye…

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  • Argumentative Essay Football

    In my argumentative essay I defend why football is a dangerous sport and should be avoided with young children ages 6-12. My previous essay used data from secondary sources and primary sources, however supporting my stance with only words was a challenge. Without visual and audio elements I felt I had trouble communicating with the reader. My remediation into a prezi uses a combination of videos and images to present the consequences of playing football. To support my claims I use evidence from…

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