Steroids In Sports

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Steroids have been around for years in the sports world. Recently more and more issues with them have occurred. They have been interfering with sport players performances and the fairness of the games. Many people think steroids in sports are an amazing thing to see and a beneficial drug. While, others see it as an unfair drug that takes away from the true game and athlete. Steroids have many negative side effects and they also have many positive sides effects. Some of these effects are short term and go away within a certain time period, and other are long term. Steroids can affect all aspects of an athlete 's life, mentally, socially, and physically. It is interesting to see steroid users mental thoughts. Many users have no idea what …show more content…
They are derivatives of the male sex hormone testosterone. These man made substances imitate protein production resulting in the increase of muscle mass, body mass and strengths. It also includes other characteristics such as sperm production, aggressiveness, masculine voice, libido, and increase of body hair. In the 20th century, it was the first time testosterone was isolated. This led to the studies of a substance stimulated a strong positive nitrogen balance in castrated rats and dogs. Testosterone, because of its rapid degradation possesses some limitations as an ergogenic aid. Although its potency is rapidly observed, the frequency of administration needed becomes more problematic. Also, testosterone has a therapeutic index of one, meaning similar anabolic and androgenic effects. There are also negative effects. (Hoffman, …show more content…
The reason they do this, is to increase the potency of each drug. When athletes take these drugs at the same time, they are banking on one anabolic agent enhancing one another. Athletes will use both oral and parenteral compounds. Most users will use the drugs for several weeks, or months, an alternate these cycles with periods of discontinued use. This method is pattern is called to cyclic pattern. Another method steroid users use is the pyramid pattern. This pattern steadily increases dosages over several weeks and months. Towards the end of the cycle users will reduce the amount of dosage to a minimal or nothing to reduce the negative side effects. (Hoffman, 2006)
An athlete has a decision between using steroids and not using steroids. Rather than thinking about steroids as an illegal and immoral drugs, it is interesting to think of steroids as high risks or high reward investments. (Lenhardt, 2010) Steroids can have a big pay off on your performance, but it also could have a major penalty, both physically and

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