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  • Importance Of Food Taboos

    its own traditional beliefs and practices related to health care in general and regarding harmful as well as beneficial effects of foods for women during pregnancy. A cross - sectional study conducted on rural Indian mothers of Madurai District Tamil Nadu. Purpose of this study was to identify the food taboos during the reproduction period with special reference to pregnancy and lactation. It was observed that most of the (76%) mothers were in the age group of 19-25 years followed by (24%) 26-30…

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  • Pasuram Analysis

    Pasuram 1: The first pasuram shows that the only qualification to attain moksham is the desire to reach moksham. Therefore the path of saranagathi is open to everyone. Pasuram 2: The second pasuram informs us about the dos and donts to be followed while performing the Pavai Nombhu. Pasuram 3: The third pasuram tells us that if we perform the nombhu with the only intention of pleasing Lord Krishna, He will grant us all kinds of wealth to make our life comfortable in this world itself. Pasuram…

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  • Risk Factors Of Consanguineous Marriages

    Consanguineous Marriages In South India Consanguineous marriages are known as blood related marriages. Mostly these marriages are between cousins of maternal or paternal side and also in between uncle & neice. Consanguineous marriages are favourable only with cross-cousins, but not with parallel-cousins. Cross-cousins: child of the father's sister(paternal aunt's child) child of the mother's brother(maternal uncle's child) Parallel-cousins: child of father's…

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  • Tirumala Case Study

    Introduction The Indian Dairy Industries are one of the largest and fastest growing industries in India which provide plenty of job opportunities to the people. The few market leaders are like Amul, Mother Dairy, Kwality Limited, etc., which includes of both public and private sector. The Dairy product companies work with National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) with a Moto to reduce malnutrition in the country. Tirumala Milk Product Private Limited is second largest dairy product in South…

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  • Weekend Getaways Essay

    Weekend getaways around Chennai 1.Mahabalipuram It is one of the World Heritage Site with ancient archaeological wonders, also known as “Mahabs”. This town has a rich history during Pallava’s century and served as a a bustling seaport.this place has been named the demon king Mahabali who was renowned for his generosity.One can capture the picturesque scenic surroundings of its historical monuments, sculptures , culture and tradition. The striking feature is the beautiful Shore Temple…

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  • Myth And Facts On Suicide Prevention

    SUICIDE PREVENTION DATE:- NAME :- RANKA YASH PARASMAL REG.NO.:-17BME0321 FACULTY:- COURSE:- ABSTRACT This report discusses about why the youngsters are doing suicides, what are the reasons that they are attempting suicides at very young age. This report discusses about how, to prevent suicides and to how to deal with the person going to attempt suicide, where should they go for counselling, whom should they tell about the problems they are facing and what type of talk a person should do…

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  • Influences Of Yoga

    How Yoga Has Influenced India So Far What is yoga? “Yoga” is union – the one that connects your mind, body, and soul at once. The term yoga (derived from the word “yuj” of Sanskrit) is used for connection of the individual soul with the universal spirit. Usually, by yoga, people understand some kind of physical exercise that involves stretches, twists, and deep breaths. However, it has a far broader horizon than most people’s imagination. It is an essential science aspect, which contains in…

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  • Gap Inc Is Inhumane

    factory with a pay of $105 a month – enough to support themselves, their families and ultimately, a chance to save for dowry. Employers promised to provide free housing and meal to these ladies, together with a pay that is higher than anywhere in Tamil Nadu. This offer seemed too good to be true, and they were…

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  • Importance Of Mathematics In Weather Forecasting

    Mathematics in Weather Forecasting Aravind.V Computer Science and Engineering Sairam Institute of Technology, Anna University Chennai, Tamil Nadu aravindv96@yahoo.com Aakash kishan Computer Science and Engineering Sairam Institute of Technology, Anna University Chennai, Tamil Nadu Aakash_kishan@outlook.com Abstract—Mathematics is all around us. As we discover more and more about nature, we find it that nature can be described mathematically. Mathematics plays a fundamental role in…

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  • Tooth Crushing Essay

    Abstract Aim: purpose of the study was to assess knowledge, Attitude, practice on brushing practices among transgenders residing in Chennai city. Background: Tooth brushing is the acts of scrubbing teeth with toothbrush equipped with toothpaste for effectively remove the plaque and calculus (Tartar). There are many techniques to clean the teeth and Gingiva (Gums). In order to improve breath and to keep the mouth clean it is advisable to brush twice daily, gentle flossing between the teeth…

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