Tirumala Case Study

The Indian Dairy Industries are one of the largest and fastest growing industries in India which provide plenty of job opportunities to the people. The few market leaders are like Amul, Mother Dairy, Kwality Limited, etc., which includes of both public and private sector. The Dairy product companies work with National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) with a Moto to reduce malnutrition in the country. Tirumala Milk Product Private Limited is second largest dairy product in South India; the 100percent stake was recently acquired by Group Lactalis.
Tirumala is second largest private sector dairy product in Southern India with processing milk capacity of 1.66 million litres per day across 7 plants in India. Tirumala
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Indian companies are still exploring variety of milk products which can capture market share for Lactalis. It has already acquired Tirumala which will keep a strong market share in predominant South India. In India quality of the product is quite challenging and it also gives a competitive edge over rival dairy firms. Lactalis will have a scope on those customers who are health centric and always pick for less sweetened dairy products. Lactalis is seen as a big competitor to Amul and Nestle because they have both pan India and global market achievements, and most importantly amazing supply chain management. The main motto of Lactalis is that they target quality centric customers rather than brand centric …show more content…
India’s milk production is estimated to jump by 6% about 140 million tons in 2013-14 fiscal year which showed good sign for farmers and the organization to meet the consumers demands. This also paves way for the quality and purity in the milk products which company is researching and is trying to imprint its image in the consumer’s mind for long time. Since liberalization in India many MNC’s have opened up various sectorial industries for mutual benefit purpose so that in the long run it can give scale to the economy. Today India is uniquely the leading milk producing countries globally. India believes in utilizing its natural resources purely and applies innovative techniques to upgrade their production standards to meet the consumer

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