Nestle Organizational Culture Analysis

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Nestle company produce the largest world’s food and beverage across many of their most popular brands which over 500 factories worldwide and around 328,000 employees. It was founded by Henri Nestle who created one of the first baby formulae in 1866. The Nestlé’s headquarters is in Vevey and Switzerland. Health, Nutrition and Wellness as well as “Good food good life” is the core competency for Nestle to help people live more fulfilling lives. It achieves their goals successfully and gets a high quantity demanded by consumers that help them to have a healthy lifestyle. It produces and sells their products in about 84 countries to wholesalers or retailers for distribution such as baby food, breakfast cereals, bottled water, dairy products, ice …show more content…
Based on the survey conducted, there is strong people orientation in Nestle that degree to which management decisions take into account the effects on people in an organization. It means that they concentrate on employees importantly as to increase the reputation of an industry or business (Nestle career, 2015). The company organizational culture can be justified whether is strongly by practicing the different way of development employees and awards that they trust. Nestle acknowledge that the only way and mean can accomplish their goals are overcoming the weakness of employees by fortifying the performance evaluation processes. When Nestle wants to do anything, the most important one is it will consider about the people first. It also called a people- inspired company as it is more focus on people, products and brands instead than systems (Nestle management, 2011). People orientation in Nestle is strong because it realizes that employee’s management and business are build up shared …show more content…
On the contrary, Nestle Company is an extraordinary extent to get good things from the speedy economic maturation and the advancement of surrounding conditions, especially in developing countries. When Nestle Company wants to launch a new product to the particular area or enter some products into the market, it needs to pay attention and implement based on the level of consumer incomes and purchasing power. According to the performances and results around the world, Nestle has changed to fit new conditions for differences versions in consumer’s demand and price sensitivities as the price change. In anticipating, the number of middle class is growing and there is more and higher disposable income level in these economies as Nestle company shift the company’s industries importance and prominence gradually from America Europe to Asia-Pacific and the Middle East markets.

Last but not least, Nestle is a multinational company which achieves the advantage of superior competitive over the rivals nowadays. Nestle can be really successful because it follows the strategic management processes or management functions step by step. Not only the company can produce the brilliant products,

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