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  • Sunscreen Effectiveness Lab Report

    Period 07 Sunscreen Effectiveness For my science project this year, I have chosen to test the effectiveness of different SPF’s of sunscreen available in the consumer market. I hypothesize that the higher SPF sunscreens really do make a difference to the “sunburns” sustained by my test subjects. These higher SPF sunscreens are essential to help protect the skin from one of the worst kinds of skin cancer, melanoma. Even though there was a myth about the possibility of sunscreen causing cancer, that myth was debunked in 2003. Also, sunscreen was found to not deprive the body of Vitamin D, a vitamin naturally obtained from our sun. A synthetic chemical named…

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  • The Relationship Between Sunscreen, Oncology, And Cancer

    Our paper is about sunscreen, oncology, and cancer and how it relates to chemistry. It tells you what sunscreen is, how it affects the body, and what cancer and oncology are. The purpose of this paper is to show what we know and understand about chemistry. We show that we know how chemistry is used in everyday life and how it is in things we use on a daily basis, such as sunscreen. Studies have shown that sunscreen, cancer, and oncology are all related. When using sunscreen daily, you can easily…

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  • Sun Exposure Policy Essay

    The policy’s focus is on prevention by limiting sun exposure in order to limit ultraviolet (UV) radiation and rates of skin cancer (Rhainds and Rosen, 2006). This includes reducing exposure by educating people to understand more about the harmful effects of UV radiation. With policy that focuses on prevention instead of acute care, there will be less cases. Education starts young because long term exposure is harmful and children need to get in the habit for early prevention practices (Rhainds…

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  • Ultraviolet Light Lab Report

    radiations in a sunscreen normally include zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, avobenzone, ecamsule, and oxybenzone (Wang, S 2015). Sunscreen protects skin by reflecting the UVB light when consisted of inorganic chemicals (including zinc oxide and titanium dioxide), or absorbing UVB light and then release as heat when consisted of organic chemicals (excluding zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) (Grifantini, K 2010). In other words, the skin would not be burnt by exposing to the UV light with the…

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  • Salicylates Vs. Octinoxate Comparison

    were determined from the sunscreen, the individual active ingredients would not be able to be determined because the literature values for the active ingredients are similar to each other. This means that for a lambda max of 310, the individual active ingredient could be one of four different ingredients, which are: octinoxate, PABA derivatives, cinnamates, and salicylates. However, the two different brands of SPF 50 that were analyzed had similar spectra, which showed that the sunscreens that…

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  • Skin Cancer: A Case Study

    Every year, millions of people lather on sunscreen, thinking it could protect them from skin damage and cancer. Every person is taught that the sun is the main reason for skin cancer. I started thinking a long time ago—if sunblock is to prevent skin cancer, why is the sun still to blame if we are adequately protected? The way sunblock is meant to work is by blocking the damaging UV and UVB rays. For many years now, the media would have you believe that you’re to use sunblock every time you’re…

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  • Skin Specialist Case Study

    (dermis) and cause melanocytes to eventually produce excess melanin, which leads to pigmentation. Cosmed Clinic is the best skin specialist in Mumbai to effectively deal with pigmentation. Dermis comprises of nerves and blood vessels, and UVA, by damaging the dermis, also causes premature ageing. Therefore, if your lifestyle requires you to be out in the sun or undertake a field job, then you are exposing yourself to gradual, persistent skin pigmentation and ageing, causing your skin to appear…

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  • The Role Of UVR In Skin Cancer

    UVR in skin cancer pathogenesis, risk factors associated with skin cancer, manifestations of skin cancer, and to compare the effectiveness of various preventions. Ultimately, the goal of my capstone project is to increase awareness of the damaging effects of UVR and motivate others to take advantage of skin cancer prevention methods when outdoors. According to the American Association for Cancer Research, people are at an increased risk for developing melanoma if they have a history of three or…

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  • Case Study: Banana Boat Company

    The new product is a new app for the Banana Boat Company. This app will provide access for consumers to more easily become connected with sunscreen, technology, and social creditability. The Banana Boat app would be planned to be released in April of 2017. The month of April was chosen because the main target group, millennials, will be experiencing spring break, which is a time when the majority of them will be traveling to places where wearing sunscreen is necessary. Our app will provide users…

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  • OZ Natural Case Study

    OZ Naturals the Best Age Defying Anti-Aging Solar Shield SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen A market leader in Natural Skin Care, OZ Naturals actually head in natural skin care formulating top anti-aging products on the market. Products like cruelty- free, paraben free, mineral oil free, lanolin-free and gluten free. OZ Naturals brand "was created to produce healthy, advanced skin care products to help individuals who do not naturally have a very good skin, to get smoother skin." Provide the best amount…

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