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  • Sunscreen And Melanoma Essay

    Skin cancers are a major health issue in the United States, and so far the risk is only increasing. The article “Sunscreen and Melanoma: Is Our Counseling Message Correct?” by Margaret B Planta, submitted in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine November- December 2011 vol. 24 explores issues with counseling on sunscreen usage by practitioners and how the approach may be insufficient and possibly even increase the risk of patients developing malignant skin cancers. In this article, it is discussed whether sunscreen use increases the risk of developing malignant skin cancer. It is hypothesized that the increase in skin cancer rates may be related to the lack of UVA ray reduction in sunscreens and SPF ratings on product labels that only pertain to UVB rays. As the article progresses, the discussion evolves into a more comprehensive view of risk factors for developing malignant skin cancers including profession, race, and location. The article goes on to detail how a more likely culprit is actually the damage to cells by sunburn, due to improper use of sunscree; as…

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  • Sunscreen Lab Report

    Now that we have a clear understand on what SPF is and how sunscreen works, it is time to do my experiment. In order to conduct my experiment, I needed to obtain the following materials. 4 bottles of Neutrogena Sunscreen ( SPF 45, SPF 55, SPF 70, SPF 100) A box of ziplock bags Sharpie (To mark the plastic bags) Plastic spoons (To help spread the sunscreen on the plastic bags) UV Beads String UV Index Once I gathered all of these materials, I cut 5 pieces of string and then opened the UV beads.…

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  • Sunscreen Effectiveness Lab Report

    Period 07 Sunscreen Effectiveness For my science project this year, I have chosen to test the effectiveness of different SPF’s of sunscreen available in the consumer market. I hypothesize that the higher SPF sunscreens really do make a difference to the “sunburns” sustained by my test subjects. These higher SPF sunscreens are essential to help protect the skin from one of the worst kinds of skin cancer, melanoma. Even though there was a myth about the possibility of sunscreen causing…

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  • The Relationship Between Sunscreen, Oncology, And Cancer

    Our paper is about sunscreen, oncology, and cancer and how it relates to chemistry. It tells you what sunscreen is, how it affects the body, and what cancer and oncology are. The purpose of this paper is to show what we know and understand about chemistry. We show that we know how chemistry is used in everyday life and how it is in things we use on a daily basis, such as sunscreen. Studies have shown that sunscreen, cancer, and oncology are all related. When using sunscreen daily, you can easily…

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  • Ultraviolet Light Lab Report

    radiations in a sunscreen normally include zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, avobenzone, ecamsule, and oxybenzone (Wang, S 2015). Sunscreen protects skin by reflecting the UVB light when consisted of inorganic chemicals (including zinc oxide and titanium dioxide), or absorbing UVB light and then release as heat when consisted of organic chemicals (excluding zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) (Grifantini, K 2010). In other words, the skin would not be burnt by exposing to the UV light with the…

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  • Salicylates Vs. Octinoxate Comparison

    were determined from the sunscreen, the individual active ingredients would not be able to be determined because the literature values for the active ingredients are similar to each other. This means that for a lambda max of 310, the individual active ingredient could be one of four different ingredients, which are: octinoxate, PABA derivatives, cinnamates, and salicylates. However, the two different brands of SPF 50 that were analyzed had similar spectra, which showed that the sunscreens that…

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  • Skin Cancer: A Case Study

    Every year, millions of people lather on sunscreen, thinking it could protect them from skin damage and cancer. Every person is taught that the sun is the main reason for skin cancer. I started thinking a long time ago—if sunblock is to prevent skin cancer, why is the sun still to blame if we are adequately protected? The way sunblock is meant to work is by blocking the damaging UV and UVB rays. For many years now, the media would have you believe that you’re to use sunblock every time you’re…

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  • The Role Of UVR In Skin Cancer

    UVR in skin cancer pathogenesis, risk factors associated with skin cancer, manifestations of skin cancer, and to compare the effectiveness of various preventions. Ultimately, the goal of my capstone project is to increase awareness of the damaging effects of UVR and motivate others to take advantage of skin cancer prevention methods when outdoors. According to the American Association for Cancer Research, people are at an increased risk for developing melanoma if they have a history of three or…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Oily Skin

    excessive oil, dead cells and blackheads from your skin giving a dry natural skin. Olay Total Effects Foaming cleanser is one of the best product to choose. But, testing the cleanser first is more recommended as not every skin is same in quality. 3. Wash Right! Washing oily skin is one of the toughest thing to handle as little washing can produce onslaught of spots while more washing can make your skin dry by removing natural oil. The best way to get perfect natural skin is to make use of…

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  • Skin Cancer Effects

    can see on the skin. You can have blistering on the skin, your skin will be raw, you skin will start to peel, you might even get sick from a sunburn. First things first, if you do not want to go through all of these painful experiences you should keep you skin safe! Some ways to prevent these harmful effects is to stay in the shade. When you stay in the shade it gives you a less risk as it would in the burning hot sun! You also…

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