Pathogenesis Of Skin Cancer

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In the United States, skin cancer is the most frequently diagnosed form of malignancy.1
Although it is possible to prevent the majority of new cases, the rate of skin cancer incidence has tripled since the 1970’s.1 Ultra violet radiation(UVR) emitted by the sun plays a strong role as an initiator in the pathogenesis of skin cancer.2 Many people are unaware of the UV index listed on the daily forecast, which can be utilized to anticipate UVR exposure for a specific day. In the state of New Mexico, outdoor enthusiasts are constantly exposed to cell damaging UV rays emitted by the sun as they engage in activities such as hiking, camping and hunting. Those who are employed in outdoor occupations such as construction are likely to be exposed to
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Skin damage is one of the first steps in the pathogenesis of malignancy in the integumentary system.2 The increased incidence of sunburns has been linked to increased chance of skin cancer development.3 Independent variables will be based on the type of specific skin cancer preventions such as sunscreen, sun protectant factor(SPF), ultraviolet protection factor(UPF), wide-brimmed hats, vitamin D, antioxidants and others. General cofounding variables may include geographical elevation at time of UV exposure, duration of
UVR exposure, age, gender, presence or absence of moles, and race/ethnicity.
Selected studies will be examined to extract desired data and averages will be calculated to establish values of reference for UVR exposure in outdoor workers, duration of sun protection, and thickness of sunscreen layers. Other calculations may include the average amount of UVR exposure required to cause sunburn injury will be investigated. Statistical procedures will vary based on the study design but most studies employed methods to establish mean frequency, mean differences, and P
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Searches will be completed using a mixture of keywords such as: ultraviolet radiation exposure, sunburn injury, integument malignancy, squamous cell carcinoma, skin cancer, melanoma, outdoor sun exposure, skin cancer prevention, sunscreen, occupation, elevation, melanin, ethnicity, and antioxidants.
A total of three literature reviews will be conducted to obtain literature on UVR injury,
UVR exposure in outdoor workers, and skin cancer preventions. Ideally, articles will contain data that can be used to judge the effectiveness of various skin cancer preventions such as sunscreens, clothing, wide-brimmed hats, supplementation, and others. For each literature review, at least twenty articles will be examined and ten articles will be selected and be incorporated into an educational presentation for healthcare clinicians. Substantial amounts of studies on skin cancer have been conducted in Europe and Australia, which may be referenced as sources for the research project.
The data collection will be initiated by searching for literature that examines the role of ultra violet radiation in increasing sunburn injury that leads to malignant skin cancers.

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