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  • Enron Social Responsibility

    Ethics and Social Responsibility Companies constantly face the struggle between ethical and unethical behaviors. The line differentiating ethical and unethical actions is not always clear. An ethical company also strives to exude social responsibility. A well-developed strategic plan will help protect a company against the pitfalls of unethical behavior and increase their level of social responsibility. In 2000, the unethical behaviors at Enron became public knowledge. A strategic plan with…

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  • Mothers Of The Plaza De Mayo Analysis

    justice theorist Iris Young. After reading Marguerite Bouvards “Taking space: Women and Political Power,” I have concluded that powerlessness can in fact be overcome, civil disobedience can work to bring awareness to grievances, and a three part strategy, as outlined by David Meyer, is a very important part of effective social justice movements. Author and social justice theorist, Marguerite Bouvard introduces us to The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, who were a group of women in Argentina whose…

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  • Behavior Theory Campaign

    6. Why are behavior theories important to include in campaign development? (10 points) Behavior theories help guide campaigns in a way to change a behavior. Each theory is different, so it is important to implement the correct theory that fits the program. Behavior theories are able to connect on a personal level, interpersonal level, as well as a community level. Using a behavior theory during a campaign is more likely to see results in behavior. The theory helps fine previous benefits to the…

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  • Business Strategy Essay

    Business Strategy is focused on the improvement of the competitive situation of a company’s or business unit’s goods or services within the particular industry or market fragment that the company or business unit serves (Wheelen and Hunger, 2008). It can be competitive or cooperative. Business strategy is asking how the company or its units should compete or cooperative in each industry (Wheelen and Hunger, 2008). 2.1.1 Competitive strategy Michael Porter has proposed a Porter’s generic…

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  • Dominant Logic Essay

    1. What is the single most important thing you learned about business strategy this term? I think the single most important think I have learned this semester in regards to business strategy is the critical importance of understanding your dominant logics. It hasn’t been a featured topic we have talked about during the semester but at almost every step of the process towards implementation strategies and after there was a hint about dominant logics. The reason I think dominant logics…

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  • Strategic Plan Steps

    complete this goal, or how can we work towards this ideal state? (Gamble, Thompson, & Peteraf, 2013) A strategic plan can be created for different levels of the business, be it a corporate strategy that hopes to launch an overarching manoeuvre for a company that has diverse subsidiaries or a business strategy that targets how to strengthen the company’s current market position in relation to their competitors. (Gamble, Thompson, & Peteraf,…

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  • Silly Billy Backpacks Business Plan

    has a main objective of entering the market with competitive products at competitive prices. Long Term Strategy Our company plans to keep growing by coming up with innovative ideas for further and faster growth compared to competitors. We also plan to brand our backpacks globally so kids around the world are all wearing a Silly Billy Backpack on their backs on their way to school. Product Strategy We will create comfortable, spacious and reliable backpacks which young students will find to be…

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  • Strategic Financial Planning Case Study

    Week Four: Strategic Financial Planning Post by Day 4 a brief description of the government or non-profit organization you selected. Then, explain the internal and external factors that might impede the development of a successful financial strategic plan. Provide examples of at least two internal factors and one external factor, and explain how they could impact the organization. Then, identify how these obstacles may be overcome. Introduction For this week’s discussion, I chose the Amherst H…

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  • Sparta Strategic Approach To War: The Peloponnesian War

    The Peloponnesian War by the end of the fifth century before the common era commenced with Sparta’s fear of Athens’ rising power. Sparta a primitive, economically challenged land power, led the independent states. In contrast, Athens an advanced, economically wealthy sea power, oversaw alliance states. Even though they both were state super powers, there was a noticeable difference in their culture, economic background and how they led the subordinate states of government. As well as, Sparta’s…

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  • Bndrgene Case Study

    The fundamental methods of each business achievements is to do the right things in a given situation at the right time. The main critical elements of a company's organizational strategy are mission, vision and competitive advantage. As it describes what is a company business, it’s the market objectives of current and long term with the manner of which it differentiates the company from their competitors (Collins & Porras, 1991). Therefore, most of the organizations are monitoring and evaluating…

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