Super Nintendo Marketing Strategy

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The business strategy is very common in this age. It can be defined as a long term plan of action that helps to achieve a specific objective or set of objectives. In addition it’s like a game plan that the businesses use it to operate their business and earning market share. Super Nintendo World is the universal theme park which originated in Japan and is now hugely popular around the world. In addition, the plan to have it opens before the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. In this project the Nintendo hired me as consultant to be part of senior management of Nintendo Theme Park team that wishes to set up a similar park in Dubai.
• Internal and external environment:
To build a successful Nintendo theme park in Dubai must recognize and
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Therefore, should keep specific amount of money precaution.
• External environment:
In this type of changes, the manger and employees have no control on any external factor but can respond to change.
In Nintendo project, there are some of these factors have strong influences as the following:

 Competition :
This factor is rapidly changed. In addition this factor is not change by the number of competitor but by the product line and services that provide it, thus we will be develop our project in Dubai in each period

 Technology and media: both are connected with each other. When the technology developed the media will have impact on business. For example, today, most of people use social media to advertise their product and services.

 Legal: taxation is one of clear change in law that can effect on the project.

 Economic condition: this like increase the unemployment rate , increase interest rate will impact negatively on Nintendo theme park

All these external factors will be in consideration in order to prevent the bad impact of

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