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  • Essay On Jeannette Walls

    CHAOS TO CAREER “I was on fire” (9). As strange as it seems, this is how Jeannette Walls began the story of her childhood, and a fire it was indeed. The Glass Castle is a riveting memoir that tells of Jeannette Walls’ unpredictable childhood. Her parents, or rather lack of true parents, pushed Jeannette to become the woman she is today. Years of poverty and moving gave her the drive to make her future the opposite of the life she had lived as a child. Jeannette became the woman she is today…

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  • Is Feeding America Making A Difference?

    Feeding America This may be surprising for some people, but there are people who live in America who are hungry. Feeding America is an organization that is committed to feeding the hungry people that we have here in America. Feeding America has been making a difference for a long time. Making a difference is an idea that differs from person to person. In my eyes, making a difference is making a positive impact on a community or any group of people. This includes going into an area that has less…

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  • Food And Water In Lord Of The Flies Chapter 7 Essay

    Claim: The men undergo many pressures but the biggest pressure is the pressures of food and water Evidence with reasoning: The crew has now been going on without much food and almost no fresh water. The reason this is the biggest pressure is because without food and water you can not survive and also that starving or dying of dehydration is a pretty awful way to go. The reaction from the crew when they find water just says how thirsty they were, "The men had in fact, found a spring bubbling up…

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  • Child Hunger In America Analysis

    The facts about child hunger in America “Not here. Not in America.” people say as the get questioned about hunger among children in their communities. But little did they know that the epidemic was a lot worse. That’s in Anna Quindlen’s essay “School’s out for summer” she addresses the problem of child hunger and gives facts that supports her claim. Anna Quindlen’s effective use of pathos and facts push her claim to a higher level. She states in her essay that, “Some kids just wander in a…

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  • Major Causes Of World Hunger

    Causes of World Hunger There are about 7.3 billion people in our world and there is enough food produced on this planet to feed those many people. With all that food, there is still “one person in eight” starving to the point of death and malnutrition. The reasons people are still starving on planet earth is due to the waste of food, poverty, war, climate, and lack of investment to agriculture. The biggest cause to world hunger is “one third of all the food produced” in the world is wasted.…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between The Divergent And The Hunger Games

    Diving Deeper into Dystopian In the books, The Hunger Games and Divergent, both demonstrate a dystopian society. Both of these books are described as an unpleasant place that is filled with misery and dehumanization. After reading both of these books, one would probably hope that they would never have to go trough anything described in the stories. However, these books relate a lot to our society today and do not differ much from how our government runs. Even though we do not have the “hunger…

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  • The Hunger Problem In Feeding America

    When you see someone asking for food for their family or themselves, what do you do? Most people walk away, or ignore the situation. Others take the time to talk and give the hungry something to eat, so they don 't spend the day hungry. That is one less hungry person in the world. Thankfully, there are people who build food banks to feed the hungry families, and people. Unfortunately, this hunger problem affected a married couple named, Josh and Gaby. They have three children named John, gavin…

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  • Generosity And The Rights Of The Poor Essay

    The Bible scriptures encourage all of humanity to share in God's wealth and to help people in need. Especially in the New Testament, Lord Jesus was known for spending time with those on the fringes of society, always seeing potential for transformation where others could not. Luke 14:14 says, “Then Jesus said to his host.. When you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed. Although they cannot repay you, you will be repaid at the resurrection…

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  • Hunger Games And Gender Stereotypes

    The first one is The Hunger Games. The book follows Katniss Everdeen, a 16 year old girl from District 12 who volunteers for the 74th Hunger games so that her sister does not have to participate. The hunger games is a death match between the children chosen from each district to participate. The Hunger Games is a great example of breaking common gender stereotypes as the main character is a strong and independent female character. Katniss does not rely on the usual stereotypical male character…

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  • Sustainable Intensification

    There are many problems in the world but we must first focus on the question we are wondering about before making a final solution and hopefully solving or decreasing the problem to an appropriate level. The question is “Can we feed everyone equally”? “Everyone” is referring to the worldwide population and “equally” is focusing on sufficient nutrients and calories. Yes, I believe we can feed everyone equally but in order to do this we must focus and solve our poverty problem by improving…

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