What Causes Hunger In America

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“The uneasy or pain in the stomach that is caused by the lack of food”(Cook). This is only the most common known effect of hunger and there are many less known effects that are way more dangerous to people then that. The lack of food or nutrients affect not only the energy of a person, but the mind and body too. Hunger is common in every country and can affects every single person. If Hunger affects the mind, then hunger must have a great effect on the education of children too. Why, in this advanced world is there still hunger, that causes so much damage to the human mind and body. Hunger that affects not just one person, but in many ways has an indirect effect on the whole world.

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Hunger in a country that has at least one grocery store in an area it seems crazy, but it is a fact hunger affects Americans too. America's hunger problem isn't caused by a lack of food, but instead it is caused by the lack of money or poverty in America. Food insecurity exists in every single county in america. The American people that are affected by hunger are the ones that have to choose food or to pay their bills. In the year 2013 five point six percent of the United States was food insecure (Jensen) and in 2014, 480,100,000 americans lived in food insecure homes including 320,800,000 adults and 15,300,000 kids ("Hungry Children Suffer. And 16 Million Kids in America Aren't Getting the Food They Need."). 49,000,000 americans this year are struggling to put food on their tables ("11 Facts About Hunger in the US."). Hunger may not be caused by the lack of agricultural output, but poverty is the leading cause of hunger here. One in six people in America face hunger and one in seven are enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP("11 Facts About Hunger in the US.") . Another one in four americans utilize at least one of the U.S, Department of Agriculture's nutrition assistance program each year a lone("Effects of Poverty, Hunger, and Homelessness on Children and Youth.") . “The use of food stamps increased to sixteen percent or 13,600,000 people in the year 2010 alone”(Gundersen). “forty one percent of food assistance people haven't even finished high school (30 HOUR FAMINE TEAM). Nearly half of the member in the SNAP are kids but still “16,000,000 kids in america aren't getting the food they need ("11 Facts About Hunger in the US.”). The financial instability of the Americans is causing a large number of citizens to go with out the food need to be healthy. “The district of columbia or the United States nation's capital has the highest rate of the

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