The Biblical And Christian Approach To Poverty

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Poverty has always been a huge problem in society and has only been getting worse as time goes by. In the United States approximately fifty million Americans live in poverty. On a global scale over a billion people in the world are poor and over eight hundred million are hungry. In the bible, there are many instances where poverty is present. There are also instances in Tattoos on the Heart, where Gregory Boyle helps struggling former criminals transform their lives back to normalcy. Gregory Boyle says “If there is a fundamental challenge within these stories, it is simply to change our lurking suspicion that some lives matter less than other lives.” Gregory Boyle cares for the less fortunate and feels everyone should have a second chance …show more content…
In Deuteronomy 15:11 he says, “There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore, I command you to be openhanded toward your brothers and toward the poor and needy in your land.” This quote proves true through Homeboy Industries run by Gregory Boyle. Gregory Boyle speaks on his past encounters and in one particular stands out. Gregory says “In an instant, you begin to doubt and question the price of things. I acknowledge how much better everything is when there is no cost and how I prefer being hoisted on shoulders in acclaim to the disdain of anonymous spray cans.”(Boyle, p.71) Gregory Boyle is right; the world shouldn’t put price on the thing we need most in this world. Everyone should have an equal chance to succeed in this world but the government doesn’t allow you too. In James 2:14-26 he says, “if a Christian becomes aware of the needs of others but does nothing to help, he lacks genuine faith”(James 2:14-26). This is true and begs the question, Are Christians true to their religion and willing to help others or are they too lazy too stand up for what’s right? It seems that they only care about the materialistic things in life and progressing in the business aspect of the world. It is good for a person to work because it gives man dignity and self-fulfillment. Making a living allows man to have food, protection and a life of freedom and creativity, but the charity for the less fortunate is

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