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  • Commentary On Maya Vasquez´s How To Get Away With Murder

    The show opens with a fast forward to the final episode of the season, similar to season one of How to Get Away with Murder (Robinson, 2015). A station wagon is seen flying down a dirt road and we see the three main characters (who are inside the car) looking behind them in a panic. Without any further context it will cut to the opening credit sequence which are panoramic shots of New Mexico, inspired by the opening scene of chapter 39 of House of Cards (Buchman, 2015). In the pilot episode, the…

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  • Fiedler's Contingency Model

    Leader Match is leadership training program developed by Fiedler, Chemers, and Mahar; it is an adaptation of Fiedler’s contingency model (Jago and Ragan, 1986). Taking the contingency theory a step further, Leader Match focuses on the same two factors: leadership style and leadership situation (Jago and Ragan, 1986). The leadership style is determined by the score on the Least Preferred Co-Worker scale (Jago and Ragan, 1986). The situational factor is determined by the leader-member relations,…

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  • Manipulation In King Henry IV

    Queen was in a neutral position when it came to wars, and other times where she was able to consolidate stability in England. Shakespeare initially presents a bad impression of Hal to the audience as being brash and irresponsible. However, it is in Act 1, Scene 2, where he presents his individual perspective that his behaviour and company is a tool for him in presenting a deliberate persona in order to later reveal himself as a reflective and redemptive model of kingship. where Hal uses the…

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  • Sputnik

    October 4th, is a special date in the world and society’s history. The reason this date’s special is because on this day, in 1537 the first translated English bible was released by Myles Coverdale (Jeffcoat, 2013). This sparked a revolution in Catholicism, people were able to read the bible and interpret the story of God for themselves. Exactly 420 years later in 1957 another transcending event for society occurred. The Soviet Union launched a small sphere of aluminum-magnesium-titanium alloy…

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  • Theme Of Loyalty And Betrayal In Othello

    Throughout Shakespeare 's plays he does a good job at blending multiple themes in his plays. This blend of multiple themes throughout Shakespeare 's plays keep his audience intrigued by portraying dramatized version of issue the audience might understand from real life issues. One common theme Shakespeare displays in his plays is the his usage of loyalty and betrayal. What I find interesting about Shakespeare 's use of loyalty and betrayal is what seems to always seems to happen to most the…

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  • Sputnik's Technological Advancements During The Cold War

    “From the 1950's, the United States and the Soviet Union attempted to surpass each other in feats of space exploration. What became known as "the space race" began with the Soviet's successful launch of the first ever artificial satellite, Sputnik 1, on October 4, 1957. Sputnik (the full name of which - Sputnik…

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  • The Failure Of Hitler's V-II Rocket

    At the end of the War World II, Germany faced “catastrophic” failure. In a final bid for victory, “Hitler ordered the launch of a new secret weapon” (Everest, Space Race)—the V-2 rockets, which “[took] just 6 minutes to travel 200 miles to London” (Everest, Space Race) and caused 134 people to die without any defense. Obviously, Hitler’s V2 Long Range Rockets were deadly. Hence, this attack soon drew Allies’, especially the Soviets’ and the Americans’, attentions. They realized that the V-2…

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  • Radar In The 1950's

    development of the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer that helped develop the fusion bomb. Next, the first satellite was sent to revolve around the Earth, but it was from the Soviet Union, which resulted in Americans drive to develop Explorer 1. It ultimately improved Americans understanding of space. Then lastly the use of television became a way of entertainment and the media- savvy politicians became very influential speakers by connecting to the audience that was sitting at home. …

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  • History Of Space Exploration

    Voyager 1 Introduction Space exploration is complex. Scientists study the space in steps. Each step presents new discoveries, which make the scientists to rethink and restructure their exploration program. It is because of this that space exploration is full of historical programs, which have been in use to explore the universe up to a certain level. Each space exploration program is identified with specific equipment it used in its era. Development of these equipments uses the best available…

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  • Theme Of Credulity In Othello

    Shakespeare’s Othello, The Moor of Venice is a play that portrays characters driven by jealousy to make hasty decisions. The play Othello is known for its themes that revolve around love, race, social classes and revenge. It is not Othello’s jealousy, but his credulity that is the prime cause of the tragedy. Othello who is known as a loving and carrying husband to Desdemona fell in trap of Iago’s plotting. Iago is known as a scheming and angry character who seeks to satisfy himself through…

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