Nebular Hypothesis Research Paper

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I. Introduction
There are many similarities and differences when it comes to the nebular hypothesis (the old – earth view) and the six – day creation (the young – earth view). There is a lot of controversy, confusion, and debate over these two views. They have actually been debated for many years. In this paper, the two views, nebular hypothesis (the old – earth view) and the six – day creation (the young – earth view), will be compared to see just how similar and different these two views are.
II. Old – Earth Secular View
In the old – earth secular view, many people, basically, take the book of Genesis and twist and turn it around. It has been said that the “opinion for more than a century has been that our Sun and its system developed
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First, the way that the old – earth view states that everything was created is much different from the young – Earth view and how it states that everything was created. The young – earth view is very clear in the fact that it was uniquely formed in the image of our creator. Everything which includes: the sun, moon, stars, animals, oceans and humans, were made by God in a period of six days. The scripture makes this perfectly clear. When it comes to the nebular hypothesis (the old – earth view), it is believed that everything appeared out of a cloud of dust. Second, truth is truth. When it comes to the nebular hypothesis theory, this theory is just a faith based position where people do not actually know how everything was created, but what they assume has happened and when. A person must keep in mind that a nebular hypothesis is a guess; hence, the word hypothesis. However, when it comes to the young-earth view there is plenty of proof that leads back to our creator and is not a hypothesis. Last, “the old-earth and young-earth views are extremely different in their conclusions. They simply are not saying the same thing” (Morris, 2007, p. 26). It clearly states in Genesis on each particular day what particular thing was created. Now, when it comes to the old-earth view it states differently. This view says states that the things that were created were created on different days and other orders. Therefore, anyone trying to prove otherwise will be greatly

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