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  • Delaware Tribe Research Paper

    Description: The Delaware tribe had many jobs for both men and women. The men were healers, hunters, fishermen and warriors. They had plenty of responsibilities. The women were farmers, seamstress, took care of children and a cook of course. They also made materials out of natural surroundings like stone, bone, shell and wood. Another detail is they use farming most for a minimum of food, etc. Activity 2: Games Description: The Delaware tribe was really into games. Completing a contest with…

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  • Sports Persuasive Essay

    As you can see sports are one of the few things that people all around the world can communicate with without having any sort of barrier. So when the debate comes up about whether or not sports should be regulated, it's almost natural to ask why? Why should sports need more regulations when football players walk on the field with pounds of gear on, or boxers have referees, or people are thoroughly informed of the harm that sports do? Why should our energy be focused on making sports safe so that…

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  • Should Kids Be Able To Play Competitive Sports

    Some think that playing competitive sports at too early of an age can put them at an increased risk of injury but others think that it helps them socially and prepares them for later in life. It’s clear overall though that kids should be able to play competitive sports because, one it helps them be prepared for later in life, two it helps them make good choices and three it keeps them healthy both physically and socially. The most important reason is that it prepares them for later in life. For…

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  • The Challenges Of Sex-Integrated Sports In Sports

    Zayra Calderon once said, “You have to have the drive to tackle something a little bit bigger than you”(Ross 129). Sex-integrated sports means that sports teams are made up of both genders. Many people believe it is too dangerous physically and socially for girls to participate in boy sports. Often times there are girls who have a passion for sports and an athletic ability that deserves to be shown off, even if it means playing with the boys. Girls deserve the equal opportunity to play among the…

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  • Task 1 Personal Reflection Report

    and not only because my parents were and still are sports fanatics but mainly because I grew up to naturally love the idea of sport itself. Fitness I believe is crucial to one’s daily life and through the experience I’ve had so far, I can’t see why people wouldn’t want to anyways. To this day I’m definitely more of an active outdoor type of person as opposed to a cultural sort of passive person in and outside of school. My true love for sport undeniably started showing in my high school years…

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  • Competitive Sports Persuasive Research Paper

    debated is whether competitive sports are necessary. Some people think competitive is a waste of money, but according to researchers, competitive sports is a great thing for children. When children play on a competitive team parents only think about the negative things about it not the positives. Also, research shows that kids playing on a competitive sports team because traveling is a great learning experience for children. Kid should be play competitive sports because of the socializing,…

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  • Olympic Torch Research Paper

    The Olympic Torch and the torchbearers visit many places and see many unique and interesting locations. The Olympic Torch Relay has a very intriguing history, includes fascinating people, and inspires many today. First, being the opening event of the Games, the relay is a great way to start watching the Olympics and has a great history to go along with it. The story of the Olympic Torch Relay goes back to the original games in Olympia, Greece, and is reflected in the modern Olympics. In the…

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  • Self-Esteem In Sports

    personal satisfaction. High self-esteem is regularly connected with sound conduct, for instance, healthier dietary patterns and inclusion in sport, while low self-esteem is joined with dysfunctional behavior and nonappearance of prosperity (Fox, 1998, 2000a). One of the…

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  • Analysis Of The Parent Trap By Mark Hyman

    the youth sports world works. The authors main theme of this book was to give an overview of the youth sports industry by providing real life situations. Some of theses real life situations included families from all across the United States. Now, Hyman’s process of putting these family testimonies required a lot of hard work. During this process, Hyman will interview the family about what they have done for their child 's sports lives while also providing facts on that particular sport. While…

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  • Personal Narrative: Parkland Buddy Sports

    when passion is born.” (Zig Ziglar). I am most passionate about Parkland Buddy Sports, a volunteer program where people with disabilities are assisted in playing sports. Joining this program has revealed to me who I truly am, since the day I joined I have rarely missed a day. This program has allowed me to tap into my inner-self and gain new skills while finding my own path and reasons to push forward. Parkland Buddy Sports is all about making life-long friendships and having a good time. When…

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