Booster Club Essay

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Booster Club Handbook

Mission Statement

Our goal is to ensure that the athletic program continuously grows with the help of community members who volunteer their time and effort so that the student-athletes have the opportunity to experience the benefits of a high school athletic program.
The Booster Club is an organization compiled of parents, coaches, players, students, and other community members committed to supporting and assisting the athletic program at this school. The Booster Club is very appreciative to all that contribute in making this organization successful. The students that take part in this organization are able to take part in special opportunities because of the support generated through the booster club. We would like
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• All funds collected must be accounted for by receipts, deposits, checks, and purchasing.
• Booster Club meetings should follow a set agenda each meeting

Fundraising Policy
• At least two Booster Club members must be present to document and turn in all collected money and at the conclusion of each fundraiser.
• No fundraising activities shall begin without the approval of the Athletic Director and the Booster Club.
• A financial statement must be provided at the end of each fundraiser. Disbursement of funds must be documented for each fundraiser.
• NCAA rules on Booster Club and Fundraisers:

Football Fund Raising Activity

The fundraising activity that will be done is a kid’s football camp for grades 4-8th. This activity will be done by the football coaching staff along with the help of high school athletes in the community. This camp will be held Monday through Thursday from 8am-12pm. Each player that decides to participate in the camp must pay $50. Funds accepted for this camp will be documented and put in the Booster Club

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