Importance Of Sports In School Essay

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School is one of the most defining parts of a person’s life. It is where a student picks who or what he/she wants to be in their life, as well as the place to get tons of new information to succeed. Certain moments and activities during school can be life defining experiences. A student’s involvement in sports is one of these moments mentioned earlier. Sports can contribute so much more than just physical activity. They allow students to become involved, and can benefit a person’s experience in high school. A person’s involvement in sports during school would be an overall benefit to their lives by improving themselves not only physically, but mentally and socially as well. When a person thinks about sports, the first thing that comes to …show more content…
They allow a person to be more mentally capable than they would have been. Sports teach kids about self-confidence, allowing a person to be comfortable showing off their capabilities on the playing field. They also teach focus and determination by pushing the student through tough times and seeing them succeed. This focus can be derived from the fact that sports develop a person’s patience, persistence, and practice. Athletics also teaches an individual the importance of time management and how to balance different parts of your life. These emotional aspects a person gains through sports can lead to a higher satisfaction with life. According to a study in the Journal of School Health called “Physical Activity Behaviors and Perceived Life Satisfaction Among Public High School Adolescents” as well as the article “Come out and Play: Shyness in Childhood and the Benefits of Organized Sports Participation”, a person’s involvement in physical activities is connected to their perception and happiness in life. For example, one of the articles says children who were involved in sports were found to exert more self-control than the children who did not participate in a sport. They were also reported to being more positive than the nonparticipants. Children who had participated in sports were also found to have higher confidence in their physical ability, physical appearance, and peer cooperation when compared to the children who had not participated in organized sports. The study included many factors involving sports activity. Such factors include participation in school sports, participation in gym activities, and exercise done at home. The study saw nothing but overall benefit coming from a person’s involvement in school based

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